Plan A Perfect “Lazy” Saturday

I wonder how many of us allow ourselves a weekend lay-in often enough? In order to truly be productive we have to recharge the batteries and reignite our senses. What better way than hosting your very own at-home daytime pajama party?

First, you have to set some mood music. One of my go-to soundscapes is the debut from Air.

Then you select your wardrobe.


Bathrobe [new] or long sweater

Knee-length socks if you’re in a cooler climate depending on the weather.

You can have a party of one or invite a few friends.

Brunch menu: 

kids cereal, waffles, homemade jamjuice, coffee, grits, steak, eggs or champagne. Check out my Pinterest Food Board.

Set your activities


crossword puzzles

Old skool games like Operation or Twister.

You have the option of a more adult-themed par-tay with cocktails and pleasures. Strictly PG or you could spice things up later with lingerie, a bubble bath by candlelight and mood music.

You might want to catch up on some reading or have a movie marathon. It’s really up to you! Whatever invigorates or inspires.

In the meantime here’s a few links around the web of interest:

Karen ‘I’m Not Your Superwoman’ White returns! Old school black woman – grown folk music!

The McClain family could have been seriously injured thanks to Spike Lee putting their address on his Twitter feed. They showed more class in accepting his apology than he did by inviting potential violence in the first place. The hypocrisy of those who selectively seek “justice” is appalling.

Do celeb moms know something regular folks are missing?

Some of that white heat should abate considering who one of the earliest advocates of the Trayvon Martin killing is. And Kevin Cunningham is a ginger to boot!

Senegelese Socialite Cathy Guetta celebrates with her husband, DJ/Producer Dave Guetta and I believe I spy a certain Supermodel.

HGTV has a new series, Living Abroad. It premieres tonight. I love House Hunters International and use it as research for future travels, so I’m excited. Oh yeah baby.

Some    Fassbender man candy for ya!

Celebrating little black girls everywhere new channel Disney Junior‘s new show Doc McStuffins is breaking all sorts of viewer records. So let’s move on from a few idiots attacking Amandla Stenberg‘s role in The Hunger Games and Awkward Black Girl winning a Shorty Award

George Lucas is expected to lose upwards of $60M over Red Tails. I’m biting my tongue. Hard. Here’s a case where having a black girlfriend didn’t provide enough insight to figure out it was flat-out wrong to allow the all-black male brigade to erase black women. And let this be a firm reminder not every black woman is looking out for each other’s interests either. And we were race-baited and brow-beat to pay money for crap! How many good projects could’ve been funded with $60M? Ummm…many! Oh well, that’s less than a few week’s interest for the billionaire, so don’t cry for him Argentina. Cry for those of us who want to do more and are thwarted at every turn.

The feminization of the black male is a disservice to the collective – but of course negatively impacts black women. This is the flip side of the Strong/High-Self Esteem Having/Mammy indoctrination. We’ve already dissected the pitfalls of dating man-children. Look what falling for that Steve Harvey nonsense has wrought! Males need proper role models. Another example of why our image is important, especially from self-serving individuals who’ve long ago taken their white flight. They have shown little vested interest in our uplift. 

Charles Barkley does drag for a weight loss ad – wtf!