Inspirational Quotes Series: Nelson Mandela

Dating Your Black Girlfriend 101

Ok, I had to share this hilarious clip from Akilah.

Fall Is Here! Enjoy Some Hearty Veggie & Gluten Free Meals

Thai Green Curry Chicken with Broccoli and Cauliflower

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David Bowie & Iman: Is This Love Or What?

Let’s all come together for a collective “aww shucks” because after two decades of wedded bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Jones seem to still be going strong. The examples of their shared values and similar goals are key for a relationship to thrive.

David Bowie and Iman | Mr. and Mrs. Jones

They met on October 1990 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend, Teddy Antolin, who was also their hairdresser.

Bowie fell in love with her at first sight: 

“I was naming the children the night we met … it was absolutely immediate.” However, Iman was reluctant to a date a rock star. In an interview she shared, “I did not want to get involved with a rock star. No way. It is not a sane thing to do, but David changed my mind. He wooed me.” 

“I remember once we went out to dinner and the laces on my trainers came undone, and David was down on his knees in the middle of the street, tying them for me. I thought to myself, ‘This one’s a keeper.’”

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Womanly Words Of Wisdom: Tina Turner

Q.  When you look back on your life, what is the legacy of Tina Turner?

A.  Endurance. I endured hardship all the way. My legacy is that I stayed on course from the beginning to the end because I believed in something inside of me that told me it can get better or that you can make it better. And I wanted better. So my legacy is a person that strived for wanting it better and got it.

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Creative Corner

Nowness feature on Joan Smalls.

Joan Smalls: Woman of Steel on

Another Nowness feature on Iris Apfel and Duro Olowu

Iris Apfel x Duro Olowu on

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Some Of The Best Girl Swirl Collabos

Lil Mama and Avril Lavigne

  Eve and Gwen Stefani

  and if you’re thinking some of these videos have a high sexual content…they do

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Get Your Big Weekend Sexy Groove On

Or your chill-ax time.

Either way, this is a great deep house mix to enjoy (and a good charity to support as mentioned in the notes)!

On Gag Reflexes And Swallowing Fear

Pineapples! via Napua Weddings


I was going to include this in my weekly breakdown post, but realized it was going to be longer than a few sentences. I’ve bumped it up to post level.

I tried to stifle a groan and move on, but there’s been a dozen articles in response to some idiot taking up space at WaPo with an OpEd column who claims to speak for the GOP:

People with conventional views must repress a gag reflex when considering the mayor-elect of New York — a white man married to a black woman and with two biracial children. (Should I mention that Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, used to be a lesbian?) This family represents the cultural changes that have enveloped parts — but not all — of America. To cultural conservatives, this doesn’t look like their country at all.

I laughed, not because I think it’s funny, but because Richard Cohen is ridiculous and now because so many people have written responses to one little blurb, this guy is getting the most attention of his career. For the record, he has clarified he likes interracial couples and LGBT folks. White people with black friends can never be racist, afterall! And I’m sorry to add to it, but there’s a bigger point to be made. He speaks the truth according to how some people in this country think – whether they’re in the GOP or not. Whether they’re white or not. Whether they’re women or men. And they can all #haveaseat as the kids say.

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Foodie Corner

I’m trying to add as many extra vegetables into my diet without feeling like I’m force feeding myself to be “healthy”. It’s the gag reflex/resistance reaction. I’ve even tried the newer ‘vegetable’ pastas. I’m trying a mix of butter lettuce and mixed greens salads but adding warm food elements to match the change in seasons. I discovered quite by accident that arugula pairs very well with spinach (and the sweetness of baby spinach is an even nicer contrast) to bulk up a regular pasta dish. If you don’t have fresh spinach on hand, frozen works. I’m talking a simple linguine with tomato sauce deal. Add some fresh cheese to taste, mushrooms, meat if you’re inclined and/or a rainbow medley of peppers for more vegetables and nice contrasted colors. I think the peppery taste of the arugula adds a nice kick.

Or you can make a nice pizza instead (it’s a Swedish-based recipe, so be sure to convert to English and change the metrics).


How much do you love cheese? I found this Mozarella-making kit at Sur La Table.


Creative Corner

A great conversation between Toyin Odutola and Solange Knowles on collaboration.

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