So Twitter Owes Me Roughly $2K For My Tweets

Well, based on Twitter IPO last week at $26 per share, I’d rather have the stock instead of cash. The company has a valuation of nearly $25B. Yes, billion. 900 shares that will at least hold if not go up in value? Yes, please!





Since our use of social networking sites nets big profits to tech companies we should consider the intrinsic value of a Tweet, a Like, a Pin, a picture on Instagram and others. Time magazine has an interactive infographic where you can plug in any public account to calculate activity on Twitter and what value it brings.

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Faith's Weekly Breakdown

Everything I’m sharing for this week’s breakdown could be its own separate post for the next three weeks. So take your time and dig in.


I’m trying to wrap my head around this discussion on the power of positive negative thinking. Huh?


Renisha McBride

Yes, it was the influence of racism coupled with easy access to guns and irrational fear that lead to this tragedy.  Racism fuels Stand Your Ground. It’s time to get real about the motivations behind this aggression. Please give what happened to her serious consideration and do not lump her with other people and other situations, namely black males. And it’s sad to say but this is also part of the backlash of the mass acceptance of criminality. It was mostly contained to black males, but it is now being extended to wreck havoc on black women. Coincidentally, the Wayne County Prosecutor is a black woman, with a reputation for being very skilled at her job and no-nonsense. Pleading this case based on race alone may not be enough of an incentive to get the office to prosecute. That would be a civil suit, where the burden of proof is much lower. Sad to say as well, but we don’t know if this is a viable criminal case. And prosecutors like to have winning cases to try. There’s nothing wrong with adding attention. So Thursday morning, I woke up to find my Twitter feed talking about a woman who had been shot and killed when seeking help after a car accident. The response was unprecedented. I’ve been discussing this with a self-described mixed-race woman in the UK who was outraged by this and wanted to make sure all of the American news media covered this. She read about it in British print media. You have to acknowledge the efforts of black women advocates who took to the Interwebs 6-7 years ago to discuss matters of importance with the welfare of other black women in mind. It has permanently changed the landscape of what is covered in the news and how it’s reported. CNN and some other networks had not covered the story until almost mid-morning/early afternoon but it had taken off through social networks for several hours. Also, some local residents held a rally Thursday evening to make sure this matter is addressed. Rallies are not effective tools, but the fact that people were concerned enough to act on behalf of a black woman victim is progress. Somewhat. I want to be sensitive to the family in case they read this, but we know part of the outrage has to do with the fact the man who shot Ms. McBride is white. And if you’ve been a long-term reader at this forum you know we’ve discussed the most violent and dangerous scenarios for black women by and large is within black neighborhoods, committed by black males. So, those people who are outraged about this also need to seek remedy for that. And help education more black women to remove themselves from toxic places and expand their social circles.

This Daily Show skit touches on consumerism, hypocrisy, racism and apathy with precision and humor…with black people! And some people are surprised that a man who expresses no remorse for being a drug dealer is all about the money?

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Inspirational Quotes Series: Marian Wright Edelman

Congrats To First Lady of New York City-Elect Chirlane McCray And The Potential Dominance Of White Men/Black Women Power Couples

V for Victory from the deBlasio campaign last night!

We have the FLOTUS and now New Yorkers have a FLONY who’s also an African American woman (it’s been 20 years since Joyce Dinkins). The world looks up to NYC for many reasons, so this is huge and I can’t remember when I’ve been this excited curious about an election in a city I no longer live in (except when I voted for Dinkins). Obviously the congrats are extended to Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio! Oooh, you know this is going to cause a few heart palpitations for all sorts of reasons! And this will not be a discussion about the individual political viewpoints of the politician in question as we’ve seen how lack of true allies and infrastructure make it difficult to enact “change”. And Mayor de Blasio campaigned on a platform that wanted to shift some of Michael Bloomberg’s policies. The ones that made NYC extremely difficult for true Middle Class folks to live there at all. Let alone the poor. Not to mention the violence. And I’m not talking about crimes committed between the populace, but what many view as “questionable” police action. We’ll see what the De Blasio administration achieves.

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Faith's Weekly Breakdown

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations. We’re officially in Fall now that the clocks have gone back and there’s a crispness in the air (unless you live in one of the perennially warm climates). This is apple and blood orange season. Thanksgiving in the US is just around the corner. January 2014 is more or less already here, so now is the time to get all of your ducks in a row.

Did you know NYC MTA train operators have to point to a spot along the platform for each station they pull into? I didn’t either, but check out this very cool appreciation video:

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Some Of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Getting Branded Wines!

I made a joke on Twitter about Olivia Pope’s drinking habits and indicated the viewers should also be able to partake in a little vino love in between the shrieks and OMGs.


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Gearing Up For The Shock And AweSOMEness Of Halloween!

This will be a quick post. Can you believe there’s just two more months until the end of 2013!  Time flies.

First, you click this –   – to get you in a ghoulish mood!


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Faith's Weekly Breakdown

If you’ve spent any time on Tumblr, you’ll see there’s a variety of art, quotes, inspiration, fan fic and lots and lots of gifs from different sources. I will usually post a dozen mini-blogs across social networks, but today I’m going to start sharing them at the main site as well. Some things are silly. Others though-provoking. All are interesting tidbits into the minds of those who share. And all always remember that sharing is not an automatic endorsement.


Hari Kondabolu on ‘guilt’ being an extension of privilege -



Sleepy Hallow spookiness -


If you thought actress Julianne Hough dressing in blackface (as an ode to a character on a tv series for Halloween) was disgusting (she says she’s sorry) then this will really make your blood boil:


Parts of Staten Island are just…gone…after Hurrican Sandy. What’s interesting is the history of African Americans who used to live there and who participated in the Underground Railroad.


Is Banksy Public Enemy Number 1? Not quite, as some folks in the hood are charging people who show up to view his graffiti.


I love this sculpture of a full-figured woman dipped in gold.


Signs that black women are winning? The standard-fare DBR antics on “Black” Twitter using anti-BW hashtags and allowing non-blacks to join in mocking black women this weekend shows that there is a fear from the loss of the mule, mammy and cash cow status as MORE black women wake up and flee Blackistan. So…hurrah for their pettiness and keep it moving ladies!







Savory Chicken Main Dish With A Twist

I saw this recipe for Nigel Slater’s Chicken with Apricots and Coconut Milk and did a happy dance. It’s all at once creamy without being heavy and packed with flavor because lemongrass and coconuts are a divine combo. You know I have to do my recipe remixes, so I’d add purple potatoes, or jasmine rice, brown rice or even Asian noodles. Either way, it’s all delicious!

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A Little Birdy Inspiration

Flights of Fancy