O’Reilly Media Helps Bridge The Gap Between Government and Technology For The Techno-Challenged & Disgruntled Citizenry Alike

I attended the Gov 2.0 Summit , co-produced by O’Reilly Media held in Washington, D.C. earlier this week. I was able to interview a few government staff and technology innovators and will post that series next week for my Examiner column. The purpose of Gov 2.0 as stated:  “Our focus this year is on opening the door to innovation — learning about the latest technology and its application, and breaking down the barriers to its adoption.”

One of the ongoing conversations we have at this forum is being expansive in the ways we define ourselves and paying attention to emerging social and economic trends. I’m reminded of who is – and isn’t – staying connected and informed by the composition of participants for events such as these.  We need to make sure we’re not being left behind! 

One aspect of the Obama administration that I’ve found most beneficial is the way the adoption of technology and its use has been encouraged. As more changes are implemented we will hopefully have a more streamlined process with regards to filling out forms, getting access to vital records and more cost-effective programs not just for constituents but gov’t officials to access and use as well.

I’d advise everyone to check out the speaker list and research their bios as well as acclimating yourselves with the sponsors. Knowledge is power and not being familiar with those connected to industries and overseeing policy implementation that directly impacts us isn’t advantageous to our creating the best opportunities for ourselves.  

I thought the panel helmed by Kathy Sierra (game developer) offered a unique perspective that focuses on us! Enhancing the user experience and creating passion. LOVE IT! As I’ve researched this brilliant woman to my horror I’ve found out she has had some serious haters. This world can be a strange place full of miserable people who would take out their misogynistic rage against women – but we must press on for excellence regardless.

I mentioned this because I’m linking to her archived blog Creating Passionate Users and didn’t want you caught by surprise.