Oops My Bad: Here’s ‘The Good Wife’ Recap

I thought I wrote a Season Three round-up, but realize it was a mid-season review posted last January. Actually, it was more of a viewer’s lament as I was deeply disappointed in the season thus far.

Somehow the cosmos was at the ready, for the writing gods converged to adjust the plots gone awry. Femme-fatale extraordinaire Kalinda is finally getting her props (which has played beautifully going into Season Four). I still say TPTB almost wrecked her character after actress Archie Punjabi won an Emmy and was poised to make TGW The Kalinda Show.

Who Is Alicia Florrick?

Alicia is still playing the role of Peter’s wife, without the benefits of companionship, protection  or loyalty from him. She still doesn’t know he set events in motion that nearly destroyed Will’s career. Meanwhile, her continued presence helps his political ambitions. What does she get out of it? She claimed to not be in love with Will – which makes her unworthy of him considering everything he’s done for her. Alicia is unwittingly self-sacrificing [for her children, to be a good person, misguided ideas of denial as altruism] for nothing!

Is Diane going to mentor Alicia or not? And can she have a serious romance already? Peter’s selfishness is unlikely to change. Reuniting him with Alicia is out of the question. So how many plot devices can the writers come up with to delay the divorce for a dead marriage that is long past its expiration date?

I have no idea what they should do regarding the Florrick juniors. Except that we don’t need any convoluted stories just to feature them.

The Matthew Perry character as slimier politician/individual than Peter story held a lot of promise. He was surprisingly good as an S.O.B.! Then NBC offered him a new series and his 8-episode arc was cut short.

Nicole Beharie was going to be a fellow ADA and love interest for Cary before that 90210 sub-plot with Dana was shipped instead. Now that he’s back in the Lockhart/Gardner fold bring her character back!

 Overall, the final half of Season Three was much better than the beginning. With shows like Scandal and the pending debut of Infamous, starring Meagan Good strong dramatic female leads will continue resonating with audiences.

This was a quick recap as I’m already hooked with the Season Four premiere, “I Fought the Law” and reveal of Kalinda’s nefarious [and hot] husband! What did you think??

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  1. Between TGW and Scandal, I am network tv heaven right now. Its the first time of me hearing about 'Infamous' but I am looking forward it. Hooorahh for Meagan Goode, I think this show could be her breakout from *cough* 'niche' roles/markets.

    Someone at CBS is really trying to make the Florrick kids relevant and it needs to stop. I wanted to like these two but seeing them and the crazy story lines surrounding them just gives me a dull headache. *Enough complaining*

    Oh Alicia, I wonder as well what is she getting out of this obviously one-sided political marriage at this point. I have a feeling that she will go the political route at some point although she denies it (but hey Lockhart/Gardener isn't in the black yet so a girl needs options!). Perhaps potential political cache is what Alicia will eventually get out of that farce with Peter.

    Other thoughts:
    Eli Gold/Alan Cumming…those eyes. Enough said. Kalinda and her hunky husband. I really don't know where to start!

    And where is Mama Florrick? I want that meddling pesky politically astute grandma back!

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