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Udemy Free Courses – Udemy is an example of a site allows anyone to build or take online courses. Udemy’s site exclaims, “Our goal is to disrupt and democratize education by enabling anyone to learn from the world’s experts.”

The New York Times reported that Udemy, “recently announced a new Faculty Project, in which award-winning professors from universities like Dartmouth, the University of Virginia and Northwestern offer free online courses. Its co-founder, Gagen Biyani, said the site has more than 100,000 students enrolled in its courses, including several, outside the Faculty Project, that charge fees.”

ITunesU Free Courses – Apple’s free app “gives students access to all the materials for courses in a single place. Right in the app, they can play video or audio lectures. Read books and view presentations.

Stanford Free Courses –  From Quantum Mechanics to The Future of the Internet, Stanford offers a variety of free courses.  Stanford’s – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence was highly successful. According to, “160000 students from 190 countries signed up to Stanford’s Introduction to AI” course, with 23,000 reportedly completing.”  Check out Stanford’s Engineering Everywhere link.

UC Berkeley Free Courses – From General Biology to Human Emotion, Berkeley offers a variety of courses.  Check out:  Berkeley Webcasts and Berkeley RSS Feeds.

MIT Free Courses – Check out MIT’s RSS MOOC feed.  Also see:  MIT’s Open Courseware.

Duke Free Courses – Duke offers a variety of courses on ITunesU.

Harvard Free Courses – From Computer Science to Shakespeare, students may now get a free Harvard education. “Take a class for professional development, enrichment, and degree credit. Courses run in the fall, spring, or intensive January session. No application is required.”

UCLA Free Courses – Check out free courses such as their writing program that offers over 220 online writing courses each year.

Yale Free Courses – At Open Yale, the school offers “free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.”

Carnegie Mellon Free Courses – Carnegie Mellon boosts “No instructors, no credits, no charge.”

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  1. Wow Faith Wow! This is great and what's more the Ivy League universities are participating in this as well and you can actually get their degree credit.

    Thanks my dear and I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving Day last week too! I would have remembered to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day from last week but I've been busy with essays due for my degree and also two final exams I've got to take in the second week of December!

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