Becoming The Woman Who Gets That Guy (or Partner) Of Choice

Thanks to a reader for passing along this interview. It’s a little more than 20 minutes, so set aside some time to watch. I’m neither endorsing or rejecting the content, which discusses relationships [and business].

One key takeaway I picked up on is how we determine our priorities.  And the fact that we choose our priorities. Duh! Perhaps, but you know how easy it is to lose sight of that!

I do not think women who know themselves and have pulled themselves together (balance across personal, spiritual, professional realms), are mature and know what they need would be required to spend years with someone before determining compatibility.

We all have our own journeys to navigate. I hope you find this useful.   

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  • Formavitae

    Thank you, Faith.

    God bless you.

  • Formavitae

    I have had a very couple of busy weeks (and have another coming up), so I haven't been keeping up online. I am interested in checking out this video. But, the title of this post is related to something I wanted to mention online. I recently learned that a lovely young lady I knew while growing up decided to commit suicide. I do not know the details of the circumstance. But, I have a hard time believing that the lack of support black women face and the neglect of their needs do not play a part in this lady's situation. I am all the more convinced that black women need to move themselves and their future daughters to more supportive and loving pastures. I'm grieving right now. But, I think we all benefit from a stark reminder of the importance of heeding the admonition offered on your site and others. Please pray for us, and keep spreading the message.

  • xxbronzegoddessxx

    Wow, I am blown away by this video. I really needed to hear her lesson on the different relationship types. Wow…
    Thank you for posting this.