Old School Friday – Don’t Forget About Me

This week’s meme is “Gone But Not Forgotten” and like him or not I immediately thought about Michael Jackson. Aside from the numerous points we could discuss regarding his choices and where our money goes for those we support when buying their products, I will always remember myself as a kid seeing Thriller for the first time. It blew my mind away at the divinely inspired talent and seeing the results of more than a decade of hard work on display that looked so effortless. So while I will acknowledge the flaws I will also celebrate the joy the early work brings. Or at least I still think back to my childhood self and the time when ignorance of MJ’s numerous dysfunctions brought bliss!

Ok I admit it, “Rock With You” is one of my favorite songs of all time. Looking at the video now I realize how much I want those glitter boots! That outfit is totally in style again ya’ll. Anyway I don’t want to get too invested even though I’ve chosen these videos because the irony is hitting me on the head right now and I haven’t had any coffee. Cheers!

2 Replies to “Old School Friday – Don’t Forget About Me”

  1. How fun. I was a bit older when these came out. During my childhood I was watching them do ABC, Stop The Love You Gave May Be Your Own, etc. when they were too young to know about what they were singing. How fun their music was back then:)

    1. There was an innocence involved with enjoying much of the music of these eras. Also we didn't have such easy access to information about people private lives and foibles. I think on some level the separation was a good thing.

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