Old School Friday: All Money All The Time

Ok it’s Friday. I have another post that I will share but it’s still baking in the blogging oven and since the day’s nearly half gone for my East Coast readers I can’t leave ya’ll hanging without a fresh cookie. This week’s meme is “All About the Benjamins”. Now you didn’t think I was gonna play a rap music video did you?

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2 Replies to “Old School Friday: All Money All The Time”

  1. PPR_Scribe: Yes I know…I was so not using any rap music. I like the creativity everyone puts into this meme. Money does make the world go 'round!!

  2. Rap music? Well, the rappers do songs about money well. But your choices here are on point, too. (Esp. PF--classic.) It is amazing when I was thinking about what to include this week--so many different artists in so many different genres have tunes about money.

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