Old School Friday

This week is yet another twist: This Song Should Have Never Been Made. Yikes. I can think of plenty of songs in the past 10, 7, 5, 2 years and artists I wish had NEVER gotten record deals. As well as the banning of Auto-Tune. It was cute when Cher did it for Believe but blame it on al-co-h-h-h-h-hol Jamie Foxx…not so much! 
I’m thinking of other songs that I think are degrading and objectify women that I won’t be playing here that belong on this list, but I need to find something silly. So…it’s gonna be….

Romanian twins/Autotune/Heavy Rotation in gay clubs = silly.

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3 Replies to “Old School Friday”

  1. All: Come on you know this song isn't great -- it's the video that makes it interesting.

  2. UMMM yeah thanks for that now not only do I feel old, I will be singing Macarena for days to come.

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