Now That Obama’s Been Re-Elected, What Are YOU Going To Do To Make This Country Great?

Whether you’re doing a happy dance, nursing a hangover, sulking in a corner or the facepalm, this so-called close race was a bit of a landslide, no? One thing we need to remember is that WE are in control of our destiny, not the figurehead at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’ll leave the punditry to the paid politico circus. The amount of money spent for manipulating courting our votes was astounding! I don’t know how this process flows without some questionable activity. I’m PROUD that I did not compromise my values or give in to fear (if you don’t vote for him the other guy will win and the world will end) and exercised political acumen this election cycle.

The fact of the matter is, there are numerous matters of importance at the local and state level that will require our focus. We may need to fill at least one SCOTUS seat. If you think Republican obstructionism is dead, you’re fooling yourself! Karl Rove throwing a fit on Fox News and refusing to accept the network’s call for an Obama win should tell you something.

Let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a bit….

The Democrats Are (Not) Liberals

President Obama told you during his DNC speech he is NOT the “change”. You Are!

Take a look at the ‘Popular’ vote. The legitimate criticism of the Obama Administration needs to be addressed.

Blacks (mostly black WOMEN) helped carry states (like PA) for Obama. When will specific “Black Issues” be heard and responded to (if ever)?

There’s more to review of course.

Colorado legalized 420????!!!!

Congress and the Senate make-up will determine greased wheels or a derailed track for the President’s agenda.

The USA is BROKE!!!  Let’s not pretend otherwise. ObamaCare only works for certain people right now. Regardless, we have to make affirming but wise decisions about our goals.


Women managed to thwart the ‘Return of Caveman’, defeating most of the Republican candidates who promoted the devaluation of rape! Relief!

Congrats to Elizabeth Warren on her Senate win! I will watch with bated breath if she grills corrupt bankers during official hearings!

Hand-claps to –

Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin, the first open lesbian politician I’m aware of and also  Maggie Hassan.

We’ll see what happens next….