3 Replies to “NO Guts NO Glory!”

    1. I enjoyed Whitney's early career (mostly the first 2 albums), but you're probably a bigger fan of hers than I. Of course her cover of I Will Always Love You, the world-wide movie stardom and behind-the-scenes film production work indicated she had made some powerful business moves, but it was overshadowed by her life with the loser and descent into substance abuse. I did not know about Blunt's tribute to her though, so thanks for sharing it. I'm still tripping about Mel Gibson and Whitney being so tight -- or at least his concern for her well-being given his own problems. He has surprisingly reached out to quite a few very talented, but very destructive folks. Unlike so many black women, she had MANY people ready to help her, who were rooting for her success.

      1. Yes, she did. It’s sad she didn’t utilize her alternative support structures.

        I was very touched and moved by Kevin Costner’s words and obvious emotion at her funeral service. She had a vulnerability that made good men want to protect her. It’s sad she had such a tragic end.

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