New Woman – Movin’ On

Gonna move it on

And be strong

To see the day I can FEEL

This is part of the lyrics to a song I wrote years ago and the blog post heading is it’s title. I’ve been revisiting this song because I’m going to release it this year after sitting on it forever. Considering all that I’ve learned in the past year it’s rather amazing to me that I “knew” certain tools for empowerment and the reasons why we must take steps to not only survive but thrive – yet still wasn’t quite connecting the dots.

I had a different blog post written three days ago that was scheduled to post this morning but it’s disappeared into the ether. I’m pulling my database and will hopefully retrieve it. This just goes to show you that even when you prepare unexpected things can happen. We’ve got to roll with the punches. In 2010 it is my wish that we all disengage from the old ways that aren’t working and adopt a new way of thinking and doing.

This year the resolution should be care of self and let it be a revolution against anything that blocks your own path to enlightenment, fulfillment and achievement. Let’s reclaim our JOY! I have some recommendations for ways you may do that.


1. Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way

2. Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Workweek

3. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers


Blog host CW at Black Women Deserve Better has an upcoming seminar titled “Building the Change” that you should consider. It may be at capacity so don’t wait!


A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

We’re all on different paths but some of our steps may intersect at some point. If you have made strides towards living your best life or have already arrived and wish to share part of your journey please leave a comment. Be blessed!

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    1. Nia: Happy New year and New You! Thanks. I'm working on the song because as always we need media that uplifts not degrades us. I can contribute something positive so I must get on the ball. Thanks!

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