My SXSW Adventures Really Took Off

I am attending the SXSW Conference this year.  It’s one of the biggest interactive conferences in the world and this is my year to come into my own. So I’m here to learn, grow and be challenged. I felt utterly compelled to be present at this time even though it is not the most convenient. Aside from getting sick – known as Austin allergies – I’m having a blast. It’s been so great meeting people in real life that I’ve conversed with online in some capacity. Some of you who follow me on Twitter may have heard the obfuscation, misdirection and defamation from a disgruntled DBR (damaged beyond repair) black male. It is always the agenda of such obstructionists to misdirect conversation so the focus remains on them instead of the larger agenda at hand.

I will put the same amount of thought into my response to this attack and and character slander of me shortly. Those unfamiliar with the incident at hand may be wondering what prompted such a strong negative reaction. I asked a combo question with a comment during a Q&A session at a panel that they didn’t like.  They’ve proceeded to try to distort and defame me across numerous Twitter accounts nearly every hour on the hour since yesterday morning. Think Teabaggers referring to President Obama as Hitler and you’d get the picture.

As regular readers of this blog can attest  it doesn’t require anyprompt for the DBRs to spew their bile because they HATE black women. Even if they’re married to one  – because their interest lies in self-elevation at the expense of black women – not in protecting and elevating them as a collective. It’s rampant misogyny and self-hate directed at black women. They especially don’t like it when black women ask questions that hit home, have standards, shed light on nefarious activities and expect reciprocity. It’s all about them and their egos and pulling the wool over people’s eyes. In the meantime I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be in Austin and connect with others who are actually doing something productive and conducive to growth.

I will not argue in a public forum with the type of males who seek to do harm and engage in slander instead of allowing for a difference of opinion nor will I stand still while being hacked to pieces. The last time I checked this is supposed to be a free country. Yet those who would continue to deny the existence of destructive forces and evil in certain people can see it all on public display. I advocate for the safety and security and black women and children and for black women to be free agents charting their own destinies. I will NOT back down from that position. This isn’t even about me anymore but about some people’s desire to use us, abuse us and discard us when they’re done. They shall not pass!

Other people from other groups have their own self-interests to seek out and protect and will not be coming to our rescue.  We must save ourselves! I appreciate those who’ve noted my consistency and passion when it comes to this topic and offered immediate support without requiring detailed information. To the rest I will explain more in detail and respond soon.

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  1. Faith

    What exactly did he say about you? What were the personal attacks? You mentioned comments about your personal appearance?

    Did he do a Toure and take down the offensive comments?

    1. Yes he did remove the more offensive language but his entire premise was a lie as well. When Ogilvy puts the entire panel with Q&A back up then everyone will get to listen and watch to better understand his unprofessional and DBR behavior. They'll also hear the audience response as I was speaking and hear exactly what I said. He also deleted a lot of his ReTweets as he reposted his rant repeatedly. It only makes him look like a fool to do so while they're hiding the video.

  2. Sounds like I missed an interesting panel Q&A session to say the least.

    Ms. Faith, I wasn't there, I'm only looking from the outside in, as I am taking all my information from your blog and his (Mr. Andrews).

    I must say, while I agree with your opinions and input (I don't particularly care for P. Diddy or "Blood Diamond" Russ and I think people of color need to be uplifted and these PR campaigns disguised as social commentary in order to sell sneakers and beverages isn't the way to go), I don't think it was a good choice to stand up in a Q&A session at the conference and state your feelings on the panel(ists) and/or the content of the session. If it was a waste of time, I would've promptly left and found something else to do.

    Even if the session was true to it's description, it still could have been a waste of your time as far as content and what you expected to get out of it. I've attended and have had to plan enough conferences in my career to realize that these "break-out" sessions as described in conference schedules aren't always accurate.

    What PROBABLY happened in this particular instance was the convention company/convention manager(s) ran their conference schedule by the required cut-off date (location, hours, session name, etc)and the folks responsible for the actual session were scrambling at the last minute for their details/logistics (speakers, sponsors, topics, etc) and you got what you got. It's not good or bad…it just is. Hopefully, you got some kind of information and/or entertainment from the session and it wasn't a complete waste of time?

    It doesn't surprise me one bit that the Q&A session was pulled from UStream. You best believe they don't want that out there in the universe. Especially since black women represent one of the fastest growing middle/upper-middle class segments of the population.

    No maam……..that would not be a good look.

    1. Sonya I will be doing a blog post on the collective cowardice of blacks who do NOT take a stand for what is right, call out hypocrisy or set standards. If I was lured into attending a event under false pretenses so others could claim blacks were in agreement with their denigration I most definately would speak out about it. If you choose to be silent that's your choice but do NOT come here to my blog to tell me what I should be offended by or how I should react! What you and others still fail to acknowledge is this was a Q&A session. I had every right to ask a question. Whether anyone agrees is a moot point. If so-called Social Media/Technology professionals are afraid to be held accountable they need to find a NEW line of work. They are fake posers claiming to have the pulse of black men and women and they are utterly clueless. It is especially ridiculous for Ogilvy to be cowering in the corner hiding this exchange. Obviously if it had no impact exposing their fallacy they would have put it up by now. The question you ought to be considering is why is the big bad corporation so scared? They're ALIENATING the audience they claim to be embracing!!!

      1. Faith, I tried to be respectful and constructive…now I have to get funky on YOUR blog as you put it. Okay, I'll bite.

        First of all, newsflash, this is the INTERNET. It belongs to the people. Though it is your blog, ANYBODY can come up in here and have an opinion/comment…and post it. That is why you have a "submit comment" button, isn't it. Maybe I'm missing something? If you didn't like my post, all you had to do was use your admin. button and send my little post of into the trash bin. But you didn't, did you? YOU decided to post it and now you are trying to use me and my comments to make a point? I don't think so. You can save all that "DO NOT come into my blog" mess. You come across as a hypocrite and you seem to contradict your own stance. On one hand you say you had the right to state YOUR mind in the middle of a session at a conference, but you tell me "NOT TO COME INTO YOUR BLOG" and post a comment.

        Second of all, nowhere in my post did I tell you, or even hint at, how you should feel, think and act. I was diplomatic and constructive and offered a possibility as to why/how things turned out the way they did. If that is how you took it, that's on you.

        Third, I'm offended at your implication that I am one of those blacks that "sit back and chose to be silent". I am an professional, educated, black woman of a certain age group in America…like a lot of women out here. There is nothing you or anybody can tell me about struggle or speaking out. I buck the system EVERYDAY solely on the fact that I AM. Just because I don't get in front of folks at a conference and speak my mind, doesn't mean I don't speak out. Please believe that.

        Fourth, I just don't think it's THAT serious. I don't understand how a haphazardly thrown together break out session at an entertainment/technical convention has turned into social commentary on hatred of black women and corporate conspiracy? Part of activism is not falling for the okedoke and recognizing shenanigans a mile away.

        PULEEZE….as soon as I saw that session was not what I thought it would be or give me the support/information I deserved, I would have walked right on out. I wouldn't have wasted my time standing in front of the attendees/panelists giving oratory. Those are the wrong people to address such issues to anyways. The panelists are just invited by the planners and sponsors to participate and the attendees are just there to get information…just like you.

        Event planners don't put roots on folks and lure them to sessions or convention activities. Participants chose to attend sessions and they are free to exit anytime. Better yet there are options for convention goers to give feedback on their experiences directly to the convention company. They even take suggestions on how they can make next year's convention better. The feedback forms/instructions are usually in the registration packet. If this isn't the case for this particular convention, it's easy enough to go on their website, get contact information and send them correspondence on how their conference was lacking.

        Faith, since you have such strong input as a session participant, I'm sure you've also expressed your opinions to the convention production company and BIT directly? Or better yet, you'll be working closely with BIT for next year's conference so that everything will be more satisfactory for 2011?

        1. Actually Sonya I do have blog rules for those who wish to post here. This is NOT an open forum or free-for-all where I will tolerate any type of behavior. Since you are a new commenter I'm allowing you this much leeway. I am under NO obligation to post anyone's comment here. You can provide a reciprocal discourse that adds value or move on.

          I'm very aware of those who wish to serve as trolls for Andrews, Bowman and this mislabelled event. I suspect those who claim to be professionals and are well-compensated can figure out how to serve the communities they're leeching from without any assistance from me. I'm under no obligation to offer any more advice or critique beyond the valuable information I've already provided. Nor do I need to rely on them to have an event at SXSW or any other conference that provides vital empowering information for black women and underserved communities.

          You are behaving like an Internet Ike(tte) Turner to come to this blog with the intent for offering insincere affirmation to insult and criticize. You're wasting your time. Now if you have real solutions to offer you should take them to perpetrators of slander and obfuscation not me for speaking out about it. There are standards for behavior and discourse that will be enforced. When you are ready to comply you are more than welcome to contribute.

          1. Faith,

            You need to stop the grandiose observations and inacurate accusations. It doesn't reflect well and cheapens whatever credibility you think you may have in this instance.

            Please know that my intentions are not suspect. I don't know YOU or any other parties involved in a personal or professional capacity. I certainly hope you aren't implyingthat I work f or or have ANY affiliations with SXSW, BIT, the panelists, the event organizers or sponsors.

            Quite frankly, I stumbled on this whole issue while surfing the net looking for general information on the show for a client of mine. I saw your information and decided to give my two cents and try to help a sister save her from HERSELF. I'm not sure of where you want to go, but be careful of the road you take. It makes all the difference. You have to pick your battles…and be strategic…in order to win the war. Especially when dealing with the digital age. This stuff has the potential to stay in the universe for perpetuity and is subjective.

            Speaking of which, my take on the whole "hatred of Black women" is SO WHAT! I don't care what others think of me, it only matters that I love myself. I don't care how people perceive me, because I'm coming and I'll succeed no matter what.

            I'd also like to point out (in case they didn't include his bio or state it in the session)that one of the panelists, Ryan Leslie, was accepted at Harvard at 15 and graduated at 19. He used to work for the Urban League in Boston in programs that encouraged and helped kids from underprivileged areas to go to college. He also worked on a program that helped unwed, minority mothers get their GED and coached them to higher education. Now that he is a successful music producer/artist he operates a production company that encompasses artists from all fields (writers, singers, photographers, cinematographers, bloggers, etc). He hires both interns and permanent staff for these positions.

            All this to say, that you never know whom you are talking to so it's best to watch what you say, where you say it, and how the message it delivered. Makes all the difference. You never know when you will run into someone in the future.

            Peace and Blessings to you.

          2. Sonya:

            Thank you for your concern for my well being. I stand corrected. You are trolling for Ryan Leslie. As if I can't conduct a Google search or read a press release. As if attending a name school and doing some work for a short time has any long-term permanent value to the collective. As if creating music with questionable or marginal appeal has anything to do with addressing the misogyny and abandonment of black males.

            I suggest you read this timely post on black women who act as guard dogs for some insight into your fixation on "schooling" me instead of your client. I don't recall you revealing the professional link between Leslie and Andrews or posting his denouncement of the poor behavior displayed either.

            Since it is I who was attacked I will defend myself. Of course in a normally functioning society that is the role of men to defend women but as this situation reveals far too many blacks operate outside those norms. So much so that a few disgruntled males who clearly view black women as a threat and competition overreacted to legit criticism.

            Feel free to continue obfuscating though because you are digging a deeper ditch for yourself with each subsequent reply.

  3. Hi!

    This is my first time posting a comment, but I have been a lurker, quietly reading for almost a year now. This SXSW conference, while I never heard about it until reading this blog, seems like something I would love to go to.

    I just hope I can contribute a little more than this on future posts you make! I was just dropping through to let you know that I am reading and supporting what you do! You really encourage me with your words, and I hope you continue to do what you do! =)

  4. I listened to the event on Ustream and read the gentleman's blog post regarding it. With all due respect, aren't you too attempting to "misdirect the conversation" by accusing your dissenters of "hating black women" simply because they challenged you on your challenge?

    1. No Taylor you are making an incorrect assessment. A gentleman does not behave like a boor. I have every right to express my thoughts on a subject during a sanctioned Q&A session. Only deeply insecure childish obstructionists with something to hide go overboard in responding to someone else's opinion.

  5. Hi Faith,

    The SXSW Conference sounds very interesting -- I just had a look at their website. I really hope you have a great and productive time there.

  6. it's sad…really.

    This is one of the reasons I avoid panels and if i am asked to be one, I urge the organizers to really make it just Q&A with the audience. there are ALOT of egos on a panel and folks just like to hear themselves talk. Quite honestly, its the same talking points over and over.

    People always want us to "get along" and "come together." but quite honestly, every brother ain't a brother. Some of us need to be checked on our male privilege and sexism.

    We won't always agree, we are human. but we need to check our egos at the door and deal with the issues head on. we need to call out the charlatans, though…

  7. Hi Faith this is very longtime lurker and fan of your site Truth p.I completely agree with you and everything you said at that conference.I just wanted to stop through here and show you some love and let you know that you have my support.I'd also like to add that MOSTLY everybody,except the dbr you mentioned, agrees with what you said.Many people however are claiming it's not what you said but when you said.They felt the timing was not right.I disagree because if not then,when?I was just on another site and it is being discussed how black american males are being/have been replaced in MLB by black latino men.People at said site seemed very angry over that yet those same people probably would act like they can't understand where you are coming from on this.Anyway keep up the good work Faith.I'm here cheering for you all the way.Take care of yourself Faith.

  8. This comment is being cross-posted on both blogs.

    First and foremost, the name-calling, belittling and disrespectful comments have to stop…in the blogs and Twitter. We are intelligent men and women, who can have a discussion without reverting to our baser emotions. I know and respect you, and I look forward to collaborating and working with you in the future.

    Second, I don’t care who was on the panel, what was said, what the session was called or who sponsored it…it is history and we need to let it go. We can agree to disagree about those points without tearing each other down, this level negativity does not move the ball forward for us a people or for those of us in the space.

    Third, the passion you demonstrated shows a deep commitment for us and the space. It would be nice if you could put this incident aside and work together on a project, leveraging said passion, discovering commonalities and creating something useful.

    We don’t have to like each other and we don’t have to work together; however, we must respect each other, our ideas, our perspectives and our humanity.

    For those reading, I was at the session.

  9. Glad to see your response. I know you'll enjoy the rest of your experience there. Come back well refueled and ready to take on the world. We'll be watching.

  10. I was there and you made many good points during that Q & A session. You said many things that were on the minds of the people in the audience and echoed in the halls afterwards. It's unfortunate that we as a people can't come together and discuss divergent ideas without attacking each other simply because we don't agree.

  11. Faith,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tweets from the Conference. Keep taking care of yourself as you have been doing. Self-care … self-care … self-care … Affirming your highest and greatest good in all things. Enjoy Austin. Have fun. Shine on.

    Peace. Ananda

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