My First Examiner Article Is Up – Go Check It Out

My weekend has been great! I attended the She’s Geeky Un-Conference and met so many awesome women. I’ll be posting highlights, etc shortly. I have been humbled and encouraged by the intellect, kindness and generosity of spirit. Surrounding yourself with like-minded and positive people will make or break the quality of your life. In the meantime my article on why choosing a domain name is important has been published and I’d love for you to go check it out. Yup, it’s shameless plugging but it’s still my writing so that’s okay.  It’s not as boring as my description sounded trust me! Not to worry I won’t start blending the two contents – this is just an FYI and I’m sharing my excitement with you lovely readers. Social justice, social commentary, politics and empowerment/enlightenment/encouragement are still the agenda for this blog. I’ve got quite a few things baking in the oven right now but I can’t share yet until they’re done. It’s all great news though. The bottom line is this: life is too short to let it pass it you by and if you want a full life you have to go after it.

Brilliance is often often attempted but rarely completed.

2 Replies to “My First Examiner Article Is Up – Go Check It Out”

  1. I must say the subject is interesting to me. I am getting into the web design world. I have the opportunity to present a proposal to a local business owner about redesigning her website. I was impressed at the choice of her domain name because the name describes what the business does.

    That is sweet to see your writing published. I love being a geek-ette:)

  2. Faith! I'm so exited for you! Congratulations on your article! It's good advice. My digital alter-ego has a domain, but it's probably not the best name choice. I've thought about changing it, if I put real content up, and this article soldifies my views.

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