My Favorite New Blog For 2011 #2 Tennessee Guerilla Women

Thanks to a link from the BlogHer network I found Tennessee Guerilla Women and what a breath of fresh air.

Yes, there are lots of political blogs and women-centered ones at that, but they’re cool.

I can tell they’re young, innovative and hungry to extol a perspective. One that is much more inclusive than most “feminist” oriented sites. I don’t actually know if they refer to themselves as such but I’m certain many women readers would.

Keep up the great work!



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5 Replies to “My Favorite New Blog For 2011 #2 Tennessee Guerilla Women”

  1. Faith -- TGW are racist Pumas -- as are some of the sites they link to. They are angry that the black guy became president over clintons mediocre (WHITE)wife. Oh -- and they bleat about 'sexism' (Palin and Clinton only btw -- which tells you all you need to know),whilst being both extremely racist and sexist to FLOTUS. Put Michelle Obamas name into the search engine at sites like TGW, Confluence, Reclusive Leftist, New Agenda, to see their real disgusting opinions about FLOTUS and black women in general.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, but I haven't seen anything remotely suspicious from them recently. Also, I could care less about the racism "save the brotha" angle esp when the brothas ain't saving us. I don't engage in white hegemony fights. IF they do something beyond acceptable criticism then we'd have a problem. Otherwise I chalk it up to a matter of opinion. No one is required to read the site.

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