MTV VMA 2009 Pink Flies High, Gaga Is Living Art

I had to show Lady Gaga and her many splendorous outfits. I thought it was fitting she thanked God…and the gays when she picked up her award. Someone commented on Twitter that Gaga has been influenced by artist Matthew Barney. I thought that was an interesting take. Aside from her preference for performing without pants I can’t really find any fault with la Gaga. She’s a performer and brings out the theatrical side of things. Now she doesn’t hold a candle to artists from other generations but considering who her peers are today, she miles ahead of them. She isn’t overly sexual and she doesn’t denigrate herself or other women – and if that’s the only criteria to measure her against then she passes!

Oh yeah before this becomes all about Gaga (I’m still compressing the video from her performance) this is supposed to be about Pink!. I have to give her applause for singing upside down 30 feet in the air. Do male performers have to do even 1/10 of what the women artists have to do to stay competitive in this industry? NO! So brava lady because aside from Janet’s tribute to her brother this was the BEST performance of the night. Now I have no comment about her outfit though…..except I was reminded of the year Lil’ Kim wore a pasty and Diana Ross touched her breast on stage!!! OMG….

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