Mrs. Clarence Thomas Pulls “Mean Girl” Antics Against Anita Hill

So the Missus decided to leave a message on Anita Hill’s work number claiming it was an olive branch but where she’s playing a school yard-level game of “Stay Away From My Man”. To Professor Hill’s credit she has rebuffed the press dragging her into any unnecessary drama.

Considering the Senate Confirmation hearings were nearly two decades ago it really makes no sense to re-ring the bell. Clearly this is election-based fodder since the fair Ginni Thomas is employed by “private” donors supporting the ultra-conservative patently ignorant Tea Party wing of the Republican Party.  

Aside from one of their rising stars Christine O’Donnell’s “confusion” about what’s in the Constitution and the tenets of the First Amendment this latest canon fodder is yet another sign of the pending Apocalypse! Or…another attempt at obstructionism and obfuscation.

Clarence Thomas has systematically tried to upend every legal gain African-Americans have fought for since the 1960’s. I was too young to understand what was at stake during his Senate Confirmation hearings but I see the negative impact now. He is a black racist and black woman hater who was given a pass by those who could least afford to give a “brotha” the benefit of the doubt.

Just like the OJ Simpson trial (aside from his great defense team) far too many blacks were thinking about historical wrongs enacted by racist whites when bypassing the obvious pathology of an individual black male who had already made it clear they held other blacks, especially black women in contempt. The damage inflicted by those given a pass cannot be repaired.

Anita Hill was dragged through the mud and called every name in the book when she bravely stepped forward to discuss Thomas’ foul behavior. Some males in power abuse it and the harrowing detail she gave of his behavior exemplifies it. There’s an I Still Believe Anita Hill Facebook Page where others have gathered in response to this outlandish attack.

Some women are so enamored with the no value and DBR men they want to hold onto and so callous of others they will support that male’s treachery. Since the Missus benefits from his status she’s invested in retaining it. Women who betray other women are the worst! 

In case you’d like to share your thoughts with Virginia Thomas you too can call her at work to facilitate the healing process she claims to want.

Virginia Thomas – President, Liberty Central  – email: Address: 5765-F Burke Center Parkway Suite 302. Burke, VA 22015. Phone: (703) 691-2012  Fax: (703) 871-5111

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  1. A LOT of Black people (many of whom are still in leadership positions) owe the AA collective an explanation and an apology over their aggressive support of Clarence "Lawn Jockey" Thomas.

    Unfoturnely, very few of us hold our (mis)leadership class accountable for the bad advice they've given us. All the prominent Blacks who supported Clarence Thomas need to explain their error in judgment. And explain why we should listen to any new advice they want to give.

    This includes Min. Farrakhan, who assured the rest of us that Clarence Thomas "was just fooling Whites," and that "he would be a good brother" once he got onto the Supreme Court.

    I had many arguments with other Black folks during Thomas' confirmation hearings.

    I miss Emerge magazine:

    1. Khadija: I remember Emerge magazine. The content was very insightful.
      I wrote about Thomas' attack on the Voting Rights Act last summer in the post…. In typical conservative activist action, Thomas was the only one to vote against reauthorizing Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. It requires federal preclearance of voting procedure modifications in areas where minorities were discriminated against in the past.

      Since so many blacks who should've known better supported Thomas I can only surmise their deep-seated misogyny and need for an emotional "win" over whites which as a strategic move for the advancement of the collective was in fact a complete failure. The one thing I remember about the hearings was getting a sense of how so many people were gunning for Anita Hill and because this was also around the time of the PMRC and C. Delores Tucker and that 2LiveCrew depravity I sensed there was something horribly wrong underfoot. The one good thing to come from that is how we are now addressing why this behavior is so detrimental.

  2. Heck yeah! I believed Anita Hill and I always did from the time I was back in school. It seems as if I was the only black girl/woman who did back then! LOL LOL Everybody else was like 'Oh she tryin to bring a brotha down'! I was ashamed that the only women to stick up for her were some feminists from NOW and the like. ALL the stupid BW were on Clarence's side it seemed like.

    I also always did and still believe Desiree Washing too, regarding Mike Tyson.

    1. ak: We can certainly see patterns of behavior and their obvious failings now can't we? Of course Mike Tyson being a rapist or batterer doesn't surprise me. Look at his background -- which is similar to so many fatherless, inadequately parented black males and you will find a troubled man who's a ticking time bomb. Which is why it's best to steer clear of the DBRs.

  3. We know who needs to apologize and it certainly isn't Ms. Hill!

    Thank you Faith, I just discovered your blog about 2 weeks ago, you are always thought provoking, keep up the good work.

  4. I was just talking to my friend about this yesterday. First thing I said was, "She did this for attention and because she hasn't moved on. She feels entitled and she wants this BW to apologize for making her (and her hubby) look like a fool nearly 20 years ago." It's so transparent, I don't know if I should be glad that Ginni made her antic so apparent or offended that she didn't think that most people would be able to see right through her actions.

    Anita Hill has been remarkably silent-which I think is the perfect move. Let Ginni keep talking: it makes her look like a fool all day long-she's used to it (being a supporter of the Tea Party and all.) I also was too young to understand what was going on with Clarence Thomas's Senate confirmation, but I do know that my mother always believed Anita Hill. She told me, "This woman isn't lying. I believe her. Men in power believe they can do anything they want. And this one has a white wife-he thinks he's above and beyond." My mother grew up in a house with 4 boys and my grandmother has a male preference. So, my mother is the opposite: she believed women should stick together, and that's the message she passed on to me.

    Back on topic: I got a copy of the Express (local DC periodical) and in the article about Ginni and Anita, it managed to bring up a woman who DOES NOT betray other woman. It's Lillian McEwen, who dated Clarence Thomas for several years (1979-mid 1980s.) Ms. McEwen said that Hill's accusations "resonated with her" and "The Clarence I know was certainly capable not only of doing the things that Anita Hill said he did, but it would be totally consistent with the way he lived his personal life then." Oh yeah, McEwen said she wasn't surprised by Ginni's message LOL

    1. Tia: Anita Hill only sought to expose the foul character of Clarence Thomas and if more people -- blacks specifically had taken heed and looked at his judicial record as well they wouldn't have so easily allowed that charlatan a seat for life on the Supreme Court. Even Presidents have term limits. Can you imagine if Bush had been able to remain in power? Thanks for the info about the former girlfriend.

      LaVonne: I cannot stop laughing at your comment. Thanks for that!

      WizardofOz321: Thanks for your comment. The Facebook page supporting Hill is booming!

      1. Thanks for the further clarification on why it was important for people to look critically at Thomas and his behavior before he was appointed. I didn't even think about it in the context of him being a Supreme Court Justice for life. Ugh. I really don't have any words right now.

        1. Tia: Umm..yeah…. he has specifically attacked every gain fought for by blacks post-Civil Rights. He is one of the most virulent racists to oppose quality of life for blacks. This is why the mass delusion that most AAs (including the "leaders") are operating under right now (praising anyone with a drop of Negro blood and assuming that means solidarity and chasing after other groups for alliances while giving away all of our resources with nothing in return) is what's putting the nails in our collective coffin as a thriving ethnic group. But AAs aren't the only ones. I was watching thhe Mel B reality show and she did a photo shoot & PSA for No On 8. One of the company's that was paying her as an endorser didn't want her doing any political campaigns. It was an interesting dialog as she and her husband equated their biracial status and facing discrimination as the sole reason for their support even as she defied her employers (who dropped her since she violated the terms of their agreement). Yet, I didn't hear any discussion of the white gays who attacked black people and hurled racial slurs at them when they erroneously blamed us for Prop 8's failure. Which I had long predicted because I lived in San Francisco at the time and saw they did zero outreach. They were solely relying on assumptions that people would vote for Prop 8 "just because" and throwing expensive celebrity dinners.

  5. Since I can't cuss, I'm just going to say that Ms. Virginia is a plantation pimp married to a …let me shut my mouth. I love you too much, Faith, to lose my salvation over that operative Virginia on your blog. You're right on target.

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