More Mind & Body Connections

Sometimes we recognize a point on our life path even if it’s a first time passage. This is why I love reviewing previous posts. I’ve been steadily connecting ways to be more present. The mind, body, spirit journey has been an evolving one. Think of it as clearing away clutter to find value and meaning that was obscured.

When I asked Do You Start Off Your Day With Yesterday’s Dirt? in March 2010, I was only able to process that on an intellectual level, but can now begin to connect it with a higher life purpose overall. This is why it’s so important to be open and willing to stretch ourselves. Look at the benefits!

I’m almost half-way through my 30-day OM Challenge and I can report, I’m much more aware of the spaces in between, of subtleties, of how smaller efforts have bigger impact that’s sustainable. I’m looking forward to continuing this evolving thought.

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