Magnificent Monday – She’s Geeky Follow-Up

Dear Readers: My current blogging schedule reflects the increased in-person relations and activities going on some of which is still percolating. I have lots of future exciting news to share!! Also, I have to complete my NaNoWrite Mo project. I attended the She’s Geeky un-Conference in DC last week and it’s been a whirlwind ever since! It’s all good though but I am tired ya’ll. I woke up sleepy this morning, lol. Anyhoo, before I get too sidetracked on Twitter discussing the American Music Awards and cheating celeb spouses (??) I need to do a blog post.

She’s Geeky is a woman (of any orientation or identity) powered conference for those involved in science, technology, engineering and math. In other words: smart ladies. The goal is to get a room full of great minds to come up with great concepts in an ‘unstructured’ format. Whatever is pertinent to those in attendance is then segmented into panels that are discussed immediately.

It’s a less expensive conference that employs active participation where everyone contributes something. I thought it was interesting how we could have dozens of women of all backgrounds here but the biggest tech conference organizers claim they can’t “find” any women speakers. Now Mashable claims they can’t “find” any bloggers of color to write for them. Uh oh somebody’s nose is growing…

It was great because some of those attending brought their daughters. If we can get young girls and women to see their potential early on and nurture it we can save a generation. Check out the Wiki page for the topics covered, attendee bios and a host of other useful information. While it is based in the SF Bay they will go to other cities with the proper lead time and set up – hence why I was at the first DC event (on 3 hours of sleep and I swear my hair didn’t look that wild in person).

I was interviewed by Ananda Leeke, attorney and future media mogul who covered many of the attendees. Video to follow below. By the way Ananda has a book coming out, “That Which Awakens Me” next month. With so much product that devalues us as women and as human beings we must gravitate and support projects that encourage and uplift us. So check it out!!

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