Liza Minnelli Has Still Got It!

Liza performing Single Ladies and looking fab has to be one of the best movie scenes ever!

One of the great things about having a copy of a movie for personal viewing is that you can replay scenes. This was an all-to-brief highlight in that over-the-top second Sex and the City movie when watching in the theaters. I’m so glad I can hit rewind!

As I guess some of you wouldn’t touch the movie with a ten foot pole, I still loved the first 15 minutes which centered around the best gay friends of Carrie and Charlotte respectively, Stanford and Anthony’s wedding.

Yes the swans were cute but a bit much, I for one loved the all-male chorus preceding the ceremony. What a great idea. Anyway, having Liza officiate and perform at your wedding (or your music icon of choice) would be pretty cool in my opinion. Talk about manifesting abundance!

In case you don’t quite know Liza With A Z

she’s Judy “Wizard Of Oz” Garland’s daughter, here’s a clip from her younger days performing my favorite song from Cabaret (the film version). It’s called talent folks – something the gimmick mimickers can’t manufacture.


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2 Replies to “Liza Minnelli Has Still Got It!”

  1. Hi Faith -- I agree!! I watched SAC2 during the Thanksgiving weekend and I remember thinking. "Wow, Liza still has it!! She just gets better with age." Most of today's artists can only dream about having this kind of talent.

    Thanks SO much for starting this blog. I like the fact that you focus on a woman empowering herself in EVERY way (spiritually, financially, personally and professionally).

    1. Considering her age and multiple hip and knee surgeries, Ms. Minnelli looks, sounds and moves better than many a fraction of her age.

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