Let’s Talk About Love

What happened when you found yourself caring for someone in a ‘romantical‘ way? How did you manifest love?

Did all of your vetting skills go out the window?

Did you question your instincts?

Was it an enduring love or infatuation?

Was it reciprocated or did it fizzle?

What keeps you coming back, remain hopeful and grateful?

How compatible are you? Are you being your authentic self?

Are you open?

3 Replies to “Let’s Talk About Love”

  1. lol I can never get the video links right on here: the second video was supposed to be "Love Song" by Rain Bi

  2. Wow, Luther was such an AMAZING singer! The ladies in the audience were smitten (so was I ! lol) *dreamy sigh* You don't see too BM R&B singers like him any more, after to listening to Donnie Hathaway and Ten City, I'm sitting here wondering what the hell happened. *le sigh* Now I want to go out and be in love lol I only see Korean singers emulating old school BM R&B artists these days.
    [youtube ITnZ7jEGy24 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITnZ7jEGy24 youtube]
    [youtube kx5COTBjcNc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx5COTBjcNc youtube]
    *fans self after watching this one*

    1. What happened was certain males stopped valuing the affirming value of enduring relationships for quick thrills and escaping their blackness. Not enough men stepped in to show the better alternative. There are so many more songs I could have chosen. There was a time when black men sang of [and lived] love and devotion, so there's no excuse for the MESS being promoted now. Which is why BW in particular need to seek better men elsewhere.

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