Let’s Get Talking About Examples Of Faith, Hope, Love & Joy We’re Experiencing

Can you feel it?

The grace that shines light through the dark recesses of our minds – and the world?

It’s there fluttering just beneath the surface, waiting to break through…..if you allow it to flourish….if you recognize it for what it is.


via Danielle LaPorte:

Tell us how deeply in love you are.
Tell us how your life is rocking.
How free you are these days.
Tell us how wonderful your family is.
How many opportunities are coming your way.
How great it feels to make your work in the world.
How lazy, luxurious, or revitalizing your holiday was.
Tell us how fulfilled you feel in your job.
How sexy you felt on the dance floor, on your bike, in the interview.
Tell us how well you’re being loved.
How delicious your dinner was.
How healthy and sturdy you are these days.
Go ahead, tell us how lucky you are.


2 Replies to “Let’s Get Talking About Examples Of Faith, Hope, Love & Joy We’re Experiencing”

  1. Well Faith, since you asked 🙂 I am enjoying the beautiful results of consistent exercise and nutrition tracking. My bike just got tuned up and is running like a dream. My friends and family are awesome, and it's summertime in Chicago. Oh yes, life is good. Thanks for asking!

  2. I am enjoying the benefits of Dancing! Iwill be performing for the 5th time this year with a troupe of wonderful folks and am working on another new duet for later on this year.

    For the first time in a while, I am totally in love with myself and will let no one tell me that I'm anything less than fabulous. Big, small, whatever, I shine wherever I go!

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