Last Minute Thanksgiving Dinner Prep

Chinese restaurants are always an option but don’t have to be your last resort. I know there have to be some procrastinators out there. There’s probably a few folks who’ve had to scramble to add others to a carefully crafted menu or need somewhere else to go. Charitable organizations tend to be overrun with volunteers at this time. You’re feeling a wee bit stressed and wonder what to do.  I have two words for you: Don’t Panic!!

Add a few more side courses to stretch out the meat. Make what looks like a really good Cheese & Nut Loaf, so non-carnivores may partake. Don’t let the coulda/woulda/shoulda Monster rear it’s head.

David Leibovitz offers us chocofiends his adaptation of a dessert from Nigel Slater’s latest with extra nutritional value: Chocolate-Beet cake. I kid you not.

Decorative table settings are a must! Via Country Living. More ideas at HGTV.

Martha Stewart Roast Turkey recipe opened the post.

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    1. Thanks. It was nice and I’m already envisioning with intention what I want next year’s holiday to look like. I hope you enjoyed yours.

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