Ladies If You Want More Respect From Men, Name It & Claim It

If music reflects society and depicts the loosening ties between the sexes, many rightfully wonder where all the love songs went.

Replay Of Tough Concepts via What Women Never Hear

If girls and women trash and abandon listening to any music that demeans females or lifts men over them, then men would soon follow. If women were to like and listen exclusively to love ballads and similar female-friendly music, men would be forced to listen or go elsewhere. If sex is more hint than obvious, such music calms instead of elevates libido and aggressiveness, especially for men. It helps bond those who want to bond. It pushes sex into the background. Not forbidden but something to be earned, which challenges men and earns manly respect of females that insist on sex being earned by someone worthy of them.

Sir Guy uses rock as the example but everybody knows the most destructive music genre is rap. Hip-hop culture reshaped black society into total denigration. for every misogynistic rock band there were two love songs to counterbalance. rap as it pertained to black women was 98% bad.

The dirtiest rockers still for the most part uphold the value of marriage if not always being the best husband or parent. Subtle sex play in songs i.e. Pour Some Sugar On Me vs. Candy Shop. Rap infiltrated R&B. Can Usher release a song that isn’t about a bad break-up or how he’s going to ‘do you’? Ugh!

Your Revolution

When will women stop castrating/competing against males, go wild or settling for crumbs? Don’t let chickens get a taste of your meat. We have to be our most authentic selves. Know what you value in a relationship. Be friendly but set boundaries. Use your instincts. Make a list of the Top Five qualities most important to you and take it from there. See what doesn’t fit and keep moving forward.

By the way, we’ve got Damien Rice, Jason Mraz, Ray LaMontagne, Donnie, Rahsaan Patterson and others still singing about love. No, these are not classics by the likes of Luther or Marvin. Different time. New era. John Mayer may be damaged, but his music is actually affirming of women and relationships. Too bad he isn’t living like that off stage. When we focus on what we want instead of what we don’t have, things will shift.

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  1. Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life was the last hip hop CD I ever bought and that was back in 1999 and nope I never downloaded any hip hop after that either! I just wish that C. Delores Howell was still alive so that I could write to her or shake her hand!

  2. I had to come back and say something else. This post came just in time. I JUST got finished watching a documentary exploring the homophobic, misogynistic, and hyper-masculinity element in hip-hop.

    It completely blew me away. This documentary went in-depth with it and explored all aspects of the harm it does to women, homosexuals and even men themselves.

    The documentary is called "Hip-Hop Beyond Beats & Rhymes" if you want to see it. I'm glad I seen it and that it shows BLACK MEN saying how horrible it is and not giving excuses on why it is that way. Also made me make a decision to NOT listen to the crap AT ALL.

    If you want to see it:

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE Jason Mraz.

    I agree with everything you say here. I cleared out my Ipod of all rap and hip/hop. I don't really like the genre anyway, but on top of that the music is disrespectful! Some hip-hop was about fixing the community and just plain having fun and then all of a sudden it became homophobic, sexist, and just BAD.

    I actually listen to John Mayer, despite black women saying I shouldn't. But these same black women will bump a disrespectful rap and r/b song.. but don't like me listening to John Mayer's Daughters.

    I'm actually not sure what he even said.. I just love the guy's music.

    1. Thanks for your comments! I wrote about Mayer and his foul behavior displayed during an interview with Playboy… . His PR people quickly shut him up afterwards. When the man-whore of Hollywood publicly whined about Taylor Swift "dissing" him he really showed how weak he is. I'm not excusing him in the least, just providing context.

      1. You know what? I don't know how such a person could make such good music! I think he has some things he needs to handle personally (therapy would be great!). It also seems he may have some emotional problems. I don't like the company he puts himself around.. giving him the "black is" lecture.

        I refuse to take him off my Ipod though. I guess you can say I like his music and not his character. I seen a video of him leaving a woman out on the street after kicking her out the car! Bastard.

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