Kitchens A Chef Would Salivate Over

In my future dream house I envision an amazing kitchen that meets form, function and is family-friendly. I want a Viking oven, all the best kitchen gadgets [hello, I like to bake], copper cookware, a pantry, center island and a fireplace.

And don’t forget tons of natural light. I have a penchant for white kitchens [!!]. No one can say I lack vision! 



As a self-professed foodie, having the ability to choose and make creative, nutritious meals is very important to me. Don’t you enjoy trying out new recipes and sharing time with people you care about or want to get to know better? Relationships are forged by those who meet regularly [or in a significant way] to bond over shared [chosen] values.

The drool factor is where appliances, space and layout come into play. What does your fantasy kitchen look like?

**Photos: Casapinka, FTRB  Please note if you have a photo that’s missing a credit I’ll gladly update upon notice. I’m pulling from multiple sites so bear with me.

7 Replies to “Kitchens A Chef Would Salivate Over”

  1. A chef may salivate over ingredients of exceptional quality, or over an innovative recipe idea. He will never salivate over a kitchen, any more than a professional mechanic salivates over spanners. Only women salivate over kitchens, in the same way that certain men drool over cars. The functionality of the object is immaterial to them, only the image counts.

    1. Thanks for the laugh. Your lack of knowledge about kitchens is only slightly less obvious than your gender stereotyping. Last time I checked women have careers as chefs — even wine experts. Welcome to 2011.

  2. OMG, I am a total baking/cooking noob, but I am absolutely in love with the pics. *.* The kitchens look so gorgeous and I would probably never want to leave. XD

  3. "Relationships are forged by those who meet regularly [or in a significant way] to bond over shared [chosen] values."
    Forgive me for being off topic, but that statement is so powerful for me.

    This is why I have suffered as a BW in the BC for so long. Thank you for saying that.

    I am also a passionate foodie. I can’t wait when I get a job so I can go and try some more new restaurants. I have collected a collage of kitchen designs from various magazines (The European magazines design the perfect kitchens). My style is contemporary. The 1st thing I must have is a gas six burner stove. Wants: warming drawer, a faucet that is built in the wall underneath the Viking rangehood, a double drawer dishwasher, a 24 bottle wine cooler, quartz countertop, 9" deep 16 gauge stainless steel double bowl sink and a touchless faucet.
    I got my kitchen mapped out to the screws on the cabinet doors! LOL
    I can’t wait to be like Paula Deen in my own kitchen. I don’t have to have the TV show though.

    1. This is why it's important to not focus on suffering. We all have struggles and may endure hardships, but we have to keep moving forward. Your kitchen sounds nice! Paula Deen is shrewd in business and elevated herself from crippling circumstances as well. I also love how she encourages us to liberally use butter!

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