July Is 31 Days Of Goodness

31 Days Doing Good

I’m compiling a list of charitable events, organizations and folks to highlight for July 2013. I’m looking at the local (to you) venture, global outreach and other initiatives not necessarily the ‘household name’ entities to bring attention to. The hashtag will be #31DDG

We’ve used this forum and adjacent social networks to spread valuable, life-affirming information since 2008. Your continued support via blog contribution (right sidebar) is appreciated.

Some things you can do for free:

1.  Donate blood.

2.  Donate plasma.

3.  Make sure your donor card is completed.

4.  Donate your old cell phones to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. People were shocked at the photos showing the husband of celebrity culinary maven Nigella Lawson with his hand around her throat during a public disagreement. While she has resources to flee, many women do not.

5. Want to increase your vocabulary and help feed people? Free Rice supplies 10 rains of rice for every correctly defined word given at their site.

Send any recommendations you deem worthy and it might be highlighted.

4 Replies to “July Is 31 Days Of Goodness”

  1. I've volunteered for two charities since 2011 in an accounts/treasurer capacity. I've shelved that last month but maybe when there's more time in the near future I'll pick that up again.

  2. Ideas for doing good during 31 Days of Doing Good
    -Donate your clothing to a battered woman's shelter. Many abused women have children, so children's items are appreciated, too.
    -Volunteer for Meals on Wheels.
    -Pay the toll of the person behind you.
    -- Contact a local homeless shelter, and ask what kind of items are most desperately needed. Make it your aim to provide some of those items.
    -- Donate copies of books that changed your life to your local library. You never know who may find that book life-changing, too.

  3. I was shocked to see the picture of Saatchi's big old hand around poor Nigella's throat in public no less. I read an interview with Nigella before where she mentioned that her first husband and father of her kids died of cancer and then she got married for a second time to Saatchi and it sounded like her marriage was strong but then again maybe she was referring to her first marriage rather than her second one but I read that interview a long time agao so I can't remember. But Nigella's always been very pretty and in the wedding pic of her with her first husband she was absolutely stunning.

    I'm sure that Saatchi thinks that with his many millions that he can do anything in both private and public, look at Rupert Murdoch who divorced Wendy Deng just back in June. No amount of money is worth putting up with that and Nigella's generated enough money to live on from her books and shows anyway.

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