Is Norway The Way To Go? Some of the things I LOVE about Norway:

Last week I participated in an interview with a Norwegian newspaper related to interracial dating and breaking down barriers. I’ll let you know when it’s published. If you as an individual want a change in your outlook (and life), then you must make an effort at dismantling the old models. You cannot embrace a new way of thinking until you’ve cleared out the junk and brought in the new goods!

I have quite a few readers from Scandinavian & Nordic countries (Hej, Hei, Hallo, Dag). There’s a few things some of the readers in the US may not be aware of. For example, Mari Kiviniemi and Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir  currently serve as the Prime Ministers of Finland and Iceland respectively but Norway has a Crown Princess as well as a PM. While these countries are very family-oriented and traditional in many aspects, they are socially progressive pro-woman societies with a very high standard of living.

Norway is a officially a kingdom and awash in oil (and natural gas) resources. Enjoy it until you hit peak levels. Have a back-up plan in place, lest you end up broke like Iceland (sorry). Well, that’s not likely to happen any time soon because the Norwegian Krone is considered a much more solid currency than most countries in the West. It was probably wise that the Scandi/Nordic block of nations opted to not convert their currency to the Euro.

There are tuition-free university-level schools that US citizens can apply to attend – but you have to cover living expenses and should make a serious effort at picking up some of their language. After all you’re a guest in their country and it’s the respectful thing to do.

Some of my favorite things about Norway:

Royksopp (they are sooo good live)

Erlende Oye (I will forever be grateful for the singing DJ bringing the group Avenue D to my attention) via DJ-Kicks series

A-Ha (I know they’ve officially retired but that video for Take On Me turned many heads)

I didn’t forget about Aqua’s song Barbie Girl, hahaha

Robyn –oops she belongs to Sweden

The Bergen Jazz music scene  Jaga Jazzist

I think the readers of this blog would love to know more about Sweden, Greenland, Switzerland and Finland as well.

I have some questions.

1. How much would it cost to purchase winter weather gear and accessories to not freeze to death out there?

2. Where can I get a proper “light” lamp to make sure I get enough Vitamin D and simulated sunlight?

I met a very elegant man at a hotel in Washington, DC originally from Cameroon who has now made Switzerland his home.  The only thing I know about Finland is you produce yummy vodka. I want to be informed, not a ‘typical’ American tourist.

3. Why do your stores close so early compared to the UK or the US?

4. Can I really get a part-time job using a student visa during this economic downturn or is that not feasible for employers in real-life (going back to the language requirement issue)?

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  1. scandinavia has definitely been on my radar for a good while. I would like to do some research and find out what are the best dating sites that the inhabitants of these particular countries use. I was reading a thread about Sweden and the commenters were saying that a very high percentage of people used dating sites and they gave one that people they knew had used. It was .se not .com. I hear that almost everyone speaks English in this region, so it seems like you could easily do your profile in English and it would be received well.
    I remember a BW posting on another blog that she'd met someone quite eligible in Finland and married him. She'd met him online, but didn't say which site she'd used.

    1. Welcome Musicalle! I think dating sites is the way to go to meet the largest pool of available men the fastest.

  2. Switzerland is absolutely beautiful. Visited back in 2004 and will likely visit again this year. There's been some anti-immigrant sentiment there as of late, though, but I think it's more towards illegal immigrants from certain black/brown countries. (Correct me if that's wrong.)

    Great Britain has the annoying "early sunset" thing during the winter, but it sets as late as 10 p.m. during the summer (fall & spring are more balanced).

    I'm hoping to visit Norway within the next year or two. My father visited some time ago and mentioned how beautiful it was.


  3. Faith, in UK, it does get dark about 4.30 p.m. December to January and February, it brightens up a bit. Plus we push the clock backward in the end of October and push the clocks forward in the end of March. However the post is very good.

  4. I absolutely love Sweden and Norway! My husband and I went there for a retreat in the Swedish forest 3 months before our wedding. It was so nice, and the people were so sweet. We spent our last day in Scandinavia in Oslo and it was so new for me to see all of the fathers walking with strollers with their babies and their buddies were with them! I found that so incredibly sexy. Also, there was my husband who was getting looks of envy from all the men around. It was like, "Lucky you!" was the vibe of the day. I'm definitely looking to return to Scandinavia to visit with the family, but only during the summer. I love the mild weather and lots of sunlight. Just put towels on the windows so it won't screw up your day/night cycle. It only gets twilight in the summer for a few hours before getting light again.

  5. You are aware that Switzerland is not part of the Nordic block. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland are. With Greenland as a protectorate of Denmark. All countries are a part of the EU, they chose not to accept the euro and all still use their respective currencies.

    1. Yes, I know Switzerland isn't part of the Nordic block (or the EU) but all of the countries I was highlighting in this post are in close physical proximity to each other. I was thinking of the Schengen Agreement covering some of the benefits of full EU membership and currency adaptation but I'll modify that.

  6. Great post Faith. I fully intend to follow up with Icelandic, Finnish and Swedish media. Stay tuned…..

    1. I need direct sunlight though, because I do get that climate change disorder. Or I did when I was in the UK and it got dark at 330pm which totally freaked me out until I adjusted. It's good to know there are many options.

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