Is A Law That Allows Women To Run Background Checks On Men Fair?

There’s a potential law pending in the UK that if passed would allow women to vet potential dates with criminal background checks. Dubbed Clare’s Law, it is named after Clare Wood who was murdered by a man she via Facebook in 2009.

via Sky News

The proposal comes amid concerns that women are increasingly meeting men via the internet and have little or no knowledge of their pasts.

Our priority should not be protecting a perpetrator’s privacy at the expense of costing a woman’s life.

Louise Casey, Victims Commissioner

There are a few legitimate concerns that some people have about security and the potential abuse from an over-reaching law enforcement or invasive women. The law as proposed would not be extended to men seeking background checks on women.

Could such a law pass in the United States? Men’s rights groups [which can be very anti-women] are certainly going to oppose this. Of course the obvious has to be stated – that it’s a patriarchal society. The average man still can easily overpower a woman.

Clare Wood was strangled and set on fire in what was clearly a horrific crime, but it is an extreme case. Most of us will have uneventful interactions with people we meet through the interwebs. Online dating itself is not the problem, but we can get a false sense of security. You have to guard yourself against liars, cheaters and married men, too!

Abusers will always try to find new mediums to find and manipulate potential victims. Yet, some of the same people who opposed sex offender notification laws related to children might fight this as well.  Women must always be diligent in protecting themselves, but does this cross the line?

When dating, we must remember to continually evaluate our potential partners whether we meet them online or not. Here are some reminders though:

  • Check the matchmaking service for complaints with the BBB
  • Create an appropriate username for your profile
  • Secure your account password
  • Make sure you have good virus protection software
  • Don’t give out personal details indiscriminately
  • Be wise about when and how you do reveal such information
  • Use Google and internet searches [employers are]
  • If you meet in person make sure you tell a friend
  • Set boundaries but remain positive

6 Replies to “Is A Law That Allows Women To Run Background Checks On Men Fair?”

  1. It should be gender neutral, and I don’t know how much it helps since like all these checks it only counts those who have been caught.

  2. I remember watching the most recent season of 'What Chili Wants', (the premise of the show is that she is searching for her husband and wants to have another child) and Chili stated that she planned to do a background check/have a private investigator check on any man she became involved with. Her girlfriend that she said this to (who was then engaged) thought Chili was crazy to even think this, much more do it, but Chili's rationale was that if the man had nothing to hide, then he shouldn't mind her checking up on him. She was also willing to have the guy do a background check on her. I think it's a good idea, especially if a woman has a 'gut feeling' that the guy may not be what he pretends to be.

    1. Wealthy and connected people do all the time. As long as it's a patriarchal world and one where some have particular advantages many things are automatically doable. This may level the playing field somewhat.

  3. While the idea of sanctioned law may be chilling to some, clever folks usually find a way to get the info they want regardless. Thanks for the feedback.

    1. Me too. 😉 After all, a background check is what any employer would do to make sure that they are acquiring a good employee. I would have no problem with it at all. The only thing it does is confirms that you are who you say you are and if you have a record. If you don't have anything to hide, then everything should be peachy.

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