Integrity, Authenticity & Uniqueness

I wanted to post this interview between Jian and Tori because not only does he ask insightful questions, but her responses got me thinking about what it takes to really be true to yourself.

Most people will not experience the discomfort of true self-discovery and valuation. Most people want ease. Even if sacrifice yields a better reward in the end. Are you willing to cash-in on life, settling at 10 cents on the dollar?

4 comments to Integrity, Authenticity & Uniqueness

  • Pam

    Learning alot about myself on this site. Thank You!

  • itsmeak

    Over the past three years I’ve become slowly more and more comfortable with introspection and it’s made life calmer, more knowledgeable and more objective. I believe self discovery is THE way to go and I thank all of the BWE blogs for that. I will be getting tests done soon in therapy to find out if I have ADHD and/or Asperger’s because I just want to find out now so that I can make changes in my life for the better instead of looking back forever and only seeing regrets. I want to nip this in the bud because I am studying and working after all. I highly recommend introspection and self discovery because they really can cure people of a sense of entitlement!