Inspirational Quotes Series: Nikki Giovanni

i used to dream militant dreams …then i awoke and dug that if i dreamed natural dreams of being a natural woman, doing what a woman does when she’s natural, i would have a revolution.

~Nikki Giovanni

Via Wikpedia: Her primary focus is on the individual and the power one has to make a difference in oneself and in the lives of others. Giovanni’s poetry expresses strong racial pride, respect for family, and her own experiences as a daughter, a civil rights activist, and a mother.

Full Bio and collection of works are at the site bearing her name.

4 Replies to “Inspirational Quotes Series: Nikki Giovanni”

  1. I love this quote. This thought process is the one that can save BW (those that want to be saved.) Operating from the standpoint of Woman, instead of Blackness, is so powerful and far more effective. I am glad to see so many of us starting to shift our focus from being pro-Black to being pro-Black woman. That adjustment in thinking will be far more beneficial for us and our offspring.

    1. I'll leave the interpretation of the message to each person, but I agree reflecting on who we really are in step with our Spirit ignites our true power.

  2. That is a beautiful quote. I think of the years I spent being a Black militant woman on campus with much remorse and regret. I was fighting the wrong battle against the wrong enemy. Coming from the midwest, I was surrounded by whites and being on campus around other blacks was like a family reunion. It took years for me to come to the realization that I was dwelling in a wasted space. Now I keep the focus on being a woman first. Not being black first.

    1. That's the situation for so many (most??) of us. Some of us will choose to move on sadder but wiser. Others will not. We can just point out the options and lead by example.

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