Inspirational Quotes Series: Epictetus

“First say to yourself what you would be — and then do what you have to do.”

Epictetus was a Greek philosopher [who bought his freedom from enslavement] and whose teachings were drafted by his student Arrian into what is widely known as The Discourses series of books.  He posited theories about how to best use our minds [to reduce the significance of how we react to external circumstances] to lead our most fulfilling lives.

There are four surviving volumes out of the original eight. They’ve been translated and are in the public domain. I still prefer to do line copy language comparisons to not miss variations in text. Sections include chapters on understanding the difference between things within our power – prohairetic and things not in our power –  aprohairetic.  There’s also discussion on how to be true to your character. His influence has extended to psychiatry, (method) acting and religion. This is one more link to add to our Mind/Body/Spirit conversations at the blog. It’s worth exploring.

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  1. Wow Faith!!!! Epictetus just happens to be one of my fave philosophers..right behind Foucault.

    I was introduced to Epictetus by an ex-boyfriend. I really admire how Epictetus opened up the realm of personal responsibility and possibility ..he has been talked of as one of the heralders of Jesus. Very very enlightening words that came from Epictetus.

    Thanks for putting his quotes on the table for discussion..keep them coming!!!

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