Inspirational Quotes Series: Eckhart Tolle

“The past has no power over you, only you give it power when you keep bringing it up.”

– A New Earth

There’s a lot of power in that statement! If we continue to live with regrets, looking back obsessing about what we wish had turned out differently (blaming or berating ourselves and others) we can’t move forward.

Not to mention the fact that living in the past means we’re not living in presently, in the moment! We have to be careful about what we affirm (say yes to, accept, believe) in our lives.

As an example what if you wanted a serious relationship, but your significant other was still nursing wounds from a previous one? What if you’re a 40++ year old trying to relive high school? Nostalgia breeds wistfulness, but at some point we have to be here in the  now.

Worrying about the future is just as counterproductive. We can’t change the past or control the future. So give up! Let go. There are unexpected things that happen that may make our lives more fulfilling in the long run. Even if they were less than pleasant at the time.

We may be forced to take a different route, but are traveling on the right road. Maybe it offers a better view. Maybe it lands us at our end point a little bit faster. We’ll never know unless we go.


Be in the moment.

Relax and release with confidence.

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  1. Thank you the quote from Eckhart Tolle, Faith. I always said you are the warden of your own prison.

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