Inspirational Quotes Series: Dr. DeMartini

You won’t attract an opportunity without a challenge, and happiness comes hand in hand with sadness. The moment that you realize this balance and observe the perfect equilibrium around you is the day you become liberated. At that moment you will know that the world is perfectly balanced, both within and without. It is then that you are able to manage your own life and no longer be controlled by the praise and blame that often run the lives of those who remain unaware of this mystery. That is when you begin to forge your own destiny, and allow the enlightened part of you that knows this mystery to direct your life; rather than allow the part of you that hopes and fears to run it.

~ Dr. DeMartini



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  • The best quote of Dr demartini is ""The moment you realize you already have everything you’re looking for, the universe gives it to you."" I like it very much and it seems very inspiring to me.

  • itsmeak

    Opportunity without a challenge? Exactly the way the new sideline I'm trying to contribute to is sounding like. LOL