Inspirational Quotes Series: Daisaku Ikeda

The course of our lives is determined by how we react—what we decide and what we do—at the darkest of times.

We need courage to become happy, to triumph over life’s trials, to help others, and to take action for peace and justice.

Courage is the key that unlocks the power, as vast as the universe, that exists within us.

~Daisaku Ikeda

There are so many great quotes to choose from that I had to share three! Ikeda is listed in the Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine as one of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People for 2012. He is a philosopher, peace-builder and educator. He currently serves as president of Sōka Gakkai International (SGI), a Nichiren Buddhist lay association.

Nichiren used the following analogy to explain the daimoku, or “Great Title,” and how it works: “When a caged bird sings, birds who are flying in the sky are thereby summoned and gather around, and when the birds flying in the sky gather around, the bird in the cage strives to get out. When with our mouths we chant the Mystic Law, our Buddha-nature, being summoned, will invariably emerge.” To chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is to call out the name of the Buddha-nature within us and in all living beings. It is an act of faith in this universal Buddhanature, an act of breaking through the fundamental darkness of life—our inability to acknowledge our true enlightened nature. It is this fundamental darkness, or ignorance, that causes us to experience the cycles of birth and death as suffering. When we call forth and base ourselves on the magnificent enlightened life that exists within each of us without exception, however, even the most fundamental, inescapable sufferings of life and death need not be experienced as pain. Rather, they can be transformed into a life embodying the virtues of eternity, joy, true self, and purity.

– Daisaku Ikeda, “Faith in Revolution”: An Interview, Tricycle Magazine

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  1. These are three beautiful quotes. I have learned from life experience, that the first quote is very true. I am proud of the dark hours that I have overcome, but certainly it wasn't easy. I have also been reminding myself, as of late, that I have choice in how I respond to different stimuli/situations (or not). I can choose to allow things to make me upset, or I can choose to have peace of mind. By remembering this simple fact, I gain much more control over the quality of my life experience. It truly is liberating, once the realization starts to sink in. Thanks for sharing. I have printed a copy to hang in my room and another for my organizer.

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