Inspirational Quotes Series: Abraham Hicks

What many are regarding as the “discovery” of abundance or resources or solutions, we want you to understand is actually the “creation” of abundance,resources and solutions. When the living of your life causes you to desire an improvement— your Vibrational request for that improvement sets forth the process of the attraction and actualization of that improvement In living your Leading Edge lives, you are not merely discovering improved benefits. You are creating them. 

Many people deprive themselves of much that they desire because of their misunderstanding of the ever-evolving, ever-expanding, ever-created pool of resources. If you do not understand the Creative Process of your planet, and the important role that you play in the expansion, you may fell into the ranks of the many who experience the shortage Consciousness that is caused by this misunderstanding.

This misunderstanding is at the heart of the feeling of competition. You did not come here to compete for the resources of your planet. You came as creators. If your time-space reality has the wherewithal to inspire a desire within you, it is our absolute promise to you that your time-space reality has the ability to deliver, in full-manifested form, the reality of the desire it has inspired.

You came here knowing that; and until you remember it fully, and apply it deliberately, you will pinch yourself off from your largest of resources; the clarity, knowledge, and Energy of your Source. That is truly the only shortage that can exist in your world; and it is wonderful when you realize that that shortage is always, without exception, self-inflicted.

~Abraham Hicks