Inspirational Quotes: Joni Mitchell

Did you know there’s an alternate version of “All I Want”? I found it on YouTube of course! I was editing drafts of future posts and began humming, ‘I am on a lonely road and I am traveling’... I wasn’t sure if it meant I wanted to publish a travel piece, something about relationships or music.

Blue is one of my top five recordings and part of the all-hallowed canon of musical expression from the female perspective. In case you’re wondering Tapestry, Little Earthquakes and anything by Nina Simone round that out.

Haven’t we all felt mixed emotions for certain people? It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship either. Some people inspire, others bring out the worst. At the end of the day it’s a reflection of our innermost selves being mirrored back. Perhaps we can be more conscious of expectations and  what we’re projecting to align with our authentic selves.