Inspirational Quotes: Dan Coppersmith

I thought I was only going to use women exclusively for this series, but I understand the power of using ALL valuable and beneficial resources no matter there origin.  Mr. Coppersmith is an inspirational artist. His website  Spiritwire has his poems and videos that encourage and uplift you. Go check it out! Here’s an excerpt from Hello World!

I am amazing
Incredible me
Celebrating the being
I choose to be
I’m uniquely spectacular
I am one of a kind
Creativity oozes
From my heart and mind
I’m stupendous, tremendous
I stand out from the crowd
I do things
That aren’t allowed
I’m inspired, desired
I am wonderfully weird


I think we could all benefit from this daily ritual:

  1. Your meditation and/or Prayer Time
  2. Your beauty time as discussed in Evaluating Men #2: Femme Time Is Power
  3. Sun Salutation Yoga    —

Don’t forget to eat breakfast!  What do you do to encourage and fortify yourself before facing the world?

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  1. Thanks, Faith!

    By the way, Rev Della will no longer be aired. The last show was June 15th, but she stated that she will still be doing sermonettes on the UP Church's website.

  2. pt. 2

    The past two days I have listened to the podcast while walking and it just gives me a little more pep in my step! My spirit feels different. If I switch over to music and some rap or hiphop starts blaring in my ear, I get a headache; I feel icky. Since I commute into DC, my day starts around 430am. But I don't get into the bed until around 1030. Most days I am EXHAUSTED and sluggish. I definitely need to get back into the habit of starting to shut down around 9pm; meaning tv off, laptop off, shower, do some meditation, or just got in the bed. For the past two nights, I have been in bed by 945 and sleep no later than 10 or 1015. I feel sooo much better! I do enjoy sun salutations but it's still darkish when I get up! But I do need to do a little centering in the am, especially with having to deal with the joys of DC!

    1. Jacquie: Congrats for exercising as it does help elevate our moods in addition to the physical benefits. I'm glad you're enjoying the Rev. Della podcasts as I've stated they have been VERY beneficial for my renewal of spirit and mind as well. Thanks for letting me know about GirlTrek. The National Mall is a good hike! Soon you'll be running around it in no time flat. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  3. LOL Love it! Thanks, Faith!

    A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to take a 10-week walking challenge with M-F I take a break at work from 10ish -- 1045ish and walk around the National Mall. Since then I've lost 6 pounds (WOOT), and I feel good! Every Sunday, the founders of GirlTrek send out a "check-in/motivational/update" email and this past email was about mindful meditation. I didn't really find anything of interest on iTunes, so I decided I would listen to Rev. Della Speaking while I walked. I chose "Discernment, Choices and Action" from the May 18, 2011 show. Rev. Della begins by saying that we sell ourselves short by saying that we are "just humans", but that we have an inately divine spirit and birthrate. Midway of the podcast, she creates a mantra of "I AM DIVINE". For whatever reason, this *really* spoke to me. 🙂 …cont…

  4. Hi Faith,

    I've been a long time lurker of your blog for over 8 months now. Funny you'd say " I'm wonderfully weird". I have been called weird also, but not in a positive way as you put it. A girl ounce gave my weirdness as a reason why I should not be allowed to participate in a church ministry. She went directly to the leader and said this. You placed the word " wonderfull" next to this word, I got one girl place "F#%@&" next to weirdo to describe me once. Did I mention that this was a all black church? Weird isn't something that the AA's celebrates. They see it as a negative not a positive. Anyone with such qualities are shuned and rediculed both blatantly and in quiet ways.

    Nice to see that you realize the positives to being such a person…….I'm now using this quality to get myself unto the global stage.

    1. Believer: Welcome from Lurker-Ville and thanks for commenting. I applaud you on your journey to more fulfilling environments. Let us know how things continue.

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