Inspirational Quotes: Carrie Wilkerson

Your only limitation is how much action you are willing to take.”

Carrie Wilkerson is a business development professional, wife and mother. I began following her on Twitter in 2008 after researching women in business who were actively engaged in social networking. I admire women who are able to prioritize family and still engage professionally. I know it’s not easy.

Readers may be interested that the quote I’ve highlighted is one selected by Craig Ballantyne, whose Internet Independence blog is a must-read for those developing multiple income streams. He has been mentioned at the Sovereign Man forum often.

Of course many of us were introduced to SM at Sojourner’s Passport. This is truly an Interweb Six Degrees Of Likemindedness! Y’all know I encourage the practical and following through plans to achieve. Life strategies can take a long time to develop. Despite mistakes, setbacks, obstacles, etc. do not give up!

Everything will fall into place. Hence the quote. Now is the time to stop worrying, stressing, focusing on what someone else is doing, the fate of society and all mindless activity. If you’re down get up. If you’re angry find zen. We can’t change the past. Stop talking about what you’re going to do.

If you’re serious, you’ll get busy. One day wasted is a day you can’t get back. Believe and complete the process so you will achieve and have the things be the way you claim to want them. 

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  1. Ok. I know I was supposed to take a 1 week break. But, the online community is where I find like-minded sisters. I NEED the daily connection. Lol! I like the commentary you added, ESPECIALLY the last two paragraphs. I keep working. Sometimes, it's encouraging to be reminded that it WILL pay off.

    Bless you!

  2. We obviously have the same taste in men b/c yeah, Craig is a cutie! And that ripped body doesn’t hurt either…(ok, now focusing on post again…so easily distracts by hotness, lol!) Craig introduced me to the spiderman pushup! OMG, if you thought regular pushups were hard, the spiderman push up WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. His no equipment, FREE (!!!) bodyweight workouts are a staple in my workout repertoire. Now, my next project may be getting him to NYC for some “personal training” (wink!)

    1. Ok, I didn’t say I was attracted to him, just that he’s attractive. There’s a difference! I’m only focused on his mind….haha.

  3. Hi Faith! Thanks for posting another quote to live by! Awesome! I actually know Craig Ballentyne from his crazy turbulence training videos and website. Interesting to see he's got his hands on the business side of things too! I love this post b/c this is totally where I've been focusing and I can't tell you what a difference it makes in my daily experience. Wait, actually I can tell you! (LOL) The difference is that there is a lightness to my experience when I just focus on taking actions. I'm out of my head and into the world. Things just get done! There is not question about it, it HAPPENS! Thanks for being part of that push to bring awesomeness into your life instead of the misery that the world pushes on us in it's various forms.

    1. Craig is very successful — and easy on the eyes, lol. But I had no idea he was a fitness expert as well. It just shows how some utilize their transferable skills and duplicate accomplishments.

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