Inspirational Quotes: BB King

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

~ BB King

There are no apologies in blogging (unless you’re lying and scorching the earth). Still, I had a power outtage before I could schedule today’s post and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write. I’m almost half-way through my 30-Day OM Challenge and this quote really speaks to me right now.

Even though I’ve leaned towards plowing back into yoga, I’ve found reintroducing myself to its fundamentals and taking Restorative classes is probably more challenging from the perspective that I have to relax and shut my mind off and be fully present in the moment. When you’re in a class with a lot of movement, it’s very easy to do so by rote.  I find being alone with myself sometimes uncomfortable. Not because I don’t like myself, but quieting the stream of chatter, questions and caveats doesn’t come easy.

I’ve had an amazing professional opportunity come my way (a few actually) and my knee-jerk reaction was to try to prevent any negative effects…by considering every negative scenario. That’s not preparedness, that’s masochism! Plus, even if it’s an attempt at thinking positively, I wasn’t actually thinking about positive things but negative things. Does that make sense? No!

So, I’m glad for the increasing clarity I’m starting to embrace by slowing down and walking with stillness. It may sound ethereal, but it actually has great value. Instead, I’m thinking this is a wonderful opportunity and one that can be part of many future opportunities I will attract. The details and particulars of how it will implemented – be it this particular opportunity or not – is not what matters in the end. I get that now. I’ve had a few choice meetings and offers for projects just within the past two weeks. So this OM-focus clearly agrees with me even as I continue to be imperfect, but always special. It’s really quite amazing actually.

We can learn so much if we are willing to expose our lack of understanding.

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  1. When I was a little girl my mother use to play and sing The Thrill Is Gone and today as a grandmother I love all of his music and still listen to him sing and play. He is just wonderful and has so much insprition to his music.

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