Infographic On Women’s Use Of The Internet Around The Globe

Access matters! We’re so lucky here in the United States and other Western countries to be able to use computers in public spaces like the local library and have so many open wifi hotspots.

While I don’t think it wise to dismiss the ongoing talk of a digital divide, we shouldn’t be so quick to feel defeated either. Women in developing nations tend to have less access and more barriers. Economic upheavals in the West also necessitate finding ways to stay above water in different ways than merely relying on a shifting status quo. Nothing beats having your own personal computer and 24/7 internet access that’s portable, affordable and reliable.

It’s rural access for residents in outlying areas that will become the biggest challenge in the “wealthy” countries. While “urban” users do have challenges, many times it comes down to priority versus convenience. Looking at the comparison of conditions for women across regions certainly helps bring perspective to barriers, entitlement and expectations.

An organization created the infographic (view after the jump), while Pew Internet released it’s latest research findings mid-February. In case you think this is data heavy let me share two key areas of interest. First, as of December 2012, 71% of women polled use social networking sites. Second, Blacks (and Latinos) are its biggest users. Facebook is the most widely used social networking site. Between lead generation for growing companies, to funneling support for lifestyle movements, to connecting without borders now is the time to create and capitalize on opportunities!

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  1. Just imagine the opportunities that await those that think outside of the box! $13 to $18 BILLION dollars going the GDP in 144 developing countries?! That is a crazy large amount of money, and the innovative person will think of ways to access that money, both for their country's benefit as well as their own benefit.

    1. Yes!!! That's exactly why I posted it. We're not in "recession" per se, but a complete SHIFT. When I highlighted the African woman with the hair salon in Beijing. These are examples of what's available if we can find ways of connecting with the right people..

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