In Honor Of New York And London Fashion Week: Recognizing & Affirming Our Beauty

I missed Tedx talk when pioneering black beauty blogger Afrobella first spoke. Lately, I’ve been inspired to do a complete overhaul of my wardrobe. I have to take a moment to recognize the joys and pitfalls of online shopping when you can’t find styles that suit your tastes. The same can be said for online dating! I’ve also been feeling frustrated by what I see when I look in the mirror because I want photo-shopped perfection. I had lost a good amount of weight three years ago by severely restricting my caloric intake and only eating certain foods. When I hit a plateau, the scale would not budge and my narrow lane of food intake rebelled against my foodie-loving tendencies.  Lifestyle choices take time, so I’ve had to readjust my expectations and call a truce with myself even while eyeing a goal.

I’m the type of person who falls into an over-analyzing abyss and has to silence a harsh inner critic. I’ve recently experienced a break-through in terms of my outlook. While, it is true we need to be healthier and keep ourselves in proportion, telling yourself everything about your existence is “wrong” until you achieve certain goals is not the way to be “right”. The journey is just that…a journey. Not a sprint. Not a click your heels and throw some pixie dust jaunt without taking that mile-long trip to discovering you.

See this encouraging message and solution-oriented vlog from Black Girls Guide To Weight Loss. I like the idea of journaling and have used Julia Cameron’s book on writing and weight loss (as well as her classic The Artists Way). Preparing. Allowing setbacks to show you there’s a better way. Plan to win.

We deserve respect, compassion, friendship and love no matter where we are on that journey. So, I (and you) will continue moving forward and looking (and hopefully feeling) fabulous. There are things that we know we must do and things we want to achieve. Let’s affirm, reaffirm and establish/recognize/accept our beauty as part of that process. Believe. Breathe. Move forward with a renewed confidence. I hope this helps.