In Honor Of Kate & Will’s Anniversary Let’s Reaffirm True Compatibility

Yes, they’ve been immortalized as Ken & Barbie dolls!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the year has flown by. It’s already the One Year anniversary of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I’m making observations with regards to how women can use their Charm Offensive to position themselves for higher-caliber marriages and business relationships.

Let’s revisit: Evaluating Men For Alliances & Marriage Series #6: Who Said A “Whipped” Man Is A Bad Thing?

Some of us may not have had such thought and care placed in securing our futures but as adults we can guide our destinies. Using your very own special brand of womanhood, what I call the  Charm Offensive any enterprising babe with brains can go after and claim greatness. I’m not just talking about romance, but let’s be clear having close ties is a very important component to a full life. Having a career and being well-educated is not enough.  We need a 360 degree life. There’s no reason having a significant other, ideally a husband is not a logical conclusion.

High-profile and celebrity relationships offer certain perks but come with certain pressures. Of course ALL relationships have costs and benefits. How a woman navigates through such quagmires depends on her standards, expectations and life experiences. Every relationship has rights and responsibilities. To ignore that will surely breed contempt.

I’ve noticed more and more women are wary – if not openly disdainful of men and marriage. Let’s face it, many have a reason to be distrustful. Women don’t respect men because all they see are a**holes. Yet, women also have to take responsibility for “acting like men” when we’re collectively happier basking in our W.O.M.A.N. and being treated like ladies.

I respect our innate female nature. I don’t think women can have it all. I have no interest in being Super Woman, Mammy or Mule. I support the social gains attributed to ‘feminism’, but not the relationship chaos that’s gone unchecked.

Women are also at war with themselves and each other. Feeling ashamed for wanting to show affection. They want to stamp out ‘girly’ behavior as early as possible. Women lack vetting skills while assuming they know it all!

This is where those who are willing to learn, promote discourse and discuss in good faith strategies, mental changes and behavioral assessments will find it useful to have the type of conversations we engage in here. Relationships are supposed to benefit both people and offspring if applicable. We see the results of the imbalance.

Let’s continue making progress.

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