In Case You Were Wondering What Spoon To Use At That Posh Dinner Party

Personally, one of my favorite reasons for watching costume dramas are the food scenes where table service is involved. I’ve picked up a few pointers over the years, which helped reinforce such use when the opportunity presented itself. It’s a highlight of Downtown Abbey, especially when the servants take such care in setting them properly. My only problem is a common one that I have being left-handed and feeling dyslexic – as if everything is backwards for use of the hand that I favor. I’ve spent time practicing using my right hand to hold utensils and glassware, but it’s very awkward. Usually if this is an important event hosted by someone else, I’ll ask to be seated on a particular side or close to the corner so I have some leeway. If I’m in charge I simply change the order of how items are placed. It’s a bit of a chore, but when people follow traditions without ever questioning what works better for some versus others, each individual person must take their own initiative to shine. Here’s a quick refresher in formal table manners.

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