In Case You Want SOTU Info

Extra post alert! Since I said we’d be covering more politically-oriented fare (even as the personal life-affirming choices we make may seem political to some), I wanted to remind any interested readers the first State of the Union address from President Obama in 2012 is scheduled to air tonight at 9PM EST.

This is an election year and it’s imperative to think and act strategically. As always we must use discernment when taking in messages. We can weigh whether our support yielded results and how certain relationships have benefited us.

The White House says it is taking post-SOTU questions. It’s our inherent right to exercise the freedom whether to cheer or jeer the carefully packaged speech. Of course people may alternately respond in the privacy of their own homes or engage via Facebook, Twitter, etc.  There will also be a live online meetup on January 30 with the President using Google +. If you have something to say, this may be one of your best opportunities to be heard sans making a large contribution for access. The power of using technology and social media tools to connect must not be ignored.

We can hold elected officials accountable if necessary. We can also trust in our own initiative at building a great life, God and the Universe to align with our highest purpose. As we are well aware there are people who have positioned themselves in such a way, office holders always cater to their needs no matter who’s elected. Let us use our time, talent and treasure to create an abundant life that isn’t dependent on external circumstances.

Consider this your open thread….