In 2011 You’re Free To Be Your Best. Here’s How To Do It.

I’m sure enough of us can recall the scene from the first Matrix film after Neo has been untethered from the pod and is in training  – when Morpheus jumps between buildings and tells Neo he can and will do the same thing and more. You can watch it here for a refresher.

“Free Your Mind.”

The funk band Parliament may have used the term in a song title long before the Matrix was released  – with some humor attached but the sentiment remains the same. Your butt (and life) will follow accordingly to your adopted mindset. Does fear take top billing? Then you may be waiting for a light change when it’s been set to green (for Go) the entire time.

This is also why Field Of Dreams has long been a favorite film of mine, but never more so than as of late.

If You Build It Your Life Will Come Together

It’s a new year and people often make grand gestures of a wanted lifestyle change with the full intention of following through. As it stands most haven’t planned a solid course for execution and peter out rather quickly. Life continues needling us in certain ways to remind us to become our most authentic and powerful selves.

We’re on a finite journey of limitless opportunities to get to the core of who we are and what our place in the world will be. It has nothing to do with anyone else but ourselves and our Creator and we would do well to remember that. Acts Of Faith In Love And Life has been my digital record of what is my personal journey to growth and fulfillment as I’ve asked the tough questions about who I want to be as a Gen-X, heterosexual female living in Western society who holds certain philosophies and was born into a particular race/ethnic combo.

I have shared many of my observations with a continually-growing audience as well as a complete re-ordering of the world as I’ve known it. Thank you for joining me and sharing your insights as well. We have all been enriched from those that agree with core issues we’ve addressed. We’ve also learned from those who have been in opposition to the messages shared. I’ve personally had my ups and downs which have caused me to question, examine and re-evaluate all of the above often. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This online forum has walked a line since 2008 between questioning larger issues pertaining to the black collective and those of individual women. This has given a small group in comparison to the billions on this planet a place to reflect and contribute to ideas that have been reactivated or cultivated from scratch. We are the anti-Flat Earth Theorists (FETs). It has been amazing to watch these circumstances unfold.

We are free to choose the lifestyle that is most suitable for our needs. Life is not static and we must expect our circumstances to change from time to time. We also have the power to make all necessary positive lifestyle changes if we want to do so. This must be faced head on! We must stop crying out against the unfairness or obstacles of life as a means of giving up before we’ve started.  We must not be victims. Do not lie down and accept defeat lest you wish to announce the “last call” to your time on this earth and die.

For black women in particular I believe cutting the cord to dead weight will ensure our greatest success in this world from a secular, religious and political standpoint. Our personal lives will be based on creating and accepting opportunities that benefit us. We’ll be ready if we’re not hampered and we’ll be able to spot them a lot faster as we seek them out (being open and ready to use what is available). Those who are the most inquisitive and focused without trying to be “perfect” may fare the best of them all.

We don’t need all of the answers. We just need to keep asking questions.

  1. Does This Work?
  2. Has Step A lead to B, C and beyond?
  3. Is What I’m Doing/Thinking/Behaving akin to what other successful/protected/cherished women are doing?
  4. Have I inadvertently or blatantly told myself to settle in some capacity?

If you can’t handle the idea of traveling ahead at warp speed or the very concepts of ALL black women having everything and the kitchen sink (especially if you ARE a black woman) then feel free to STOP reading my blog. I don’t want your comments about how you “appreciate what I’m saying but…” either. The message isn’t for YOU. That’s okay AND you need to take your negativity and flush it. Seriously!

I want to divide 2011 into 4 quarters where we can track our progress, reflect and adjust as necessary. I’m not asking anyone to publicly share anything. I advise against it in fact. You can email me privately if you wish. We need to protect and nurture ourselves more than ever now. The FETs are on the hunt to shoot you down.

A. Jan-Mar:  Hitting The Ground Running

What do you want to be different? What do you want MORE of? What steps are you going to take on your journey to your final destination? That “destination” may be your First Stage in an entire building block. This is more than a resolution – it’s a revolution! One chain of events leads to others. When we look back on 2011 many of us will not recognize ourselves. That’ll be a good thing. We may finally come into our own or rekindle our long-dormant true selves after undergoing a transformation. Think of this as your cocoon stage. Health. Fitness. Wealth. Relationships. Career. Travel. Learning Languages. You can do it all (though not at once for your sanity).

B. Apr-Jun:  Do You Know Where Your Life Is Going?

For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. We have to be prepared for that. Obstacles. Blowback. Setbacks. Emergencies. Shifting Priorities.  Life happens and despite our best laid plans sometimes things don’t work out the way we’d prefer. The key is to NOT GIVE UP. Even if it takes us longer to get from Point A to B OR we decide we want to take a different path, the key is to KEEP MOVING FORWARD AS BEST WE CAN WHEN IT’S MOST PRUDENT TO DO SO.

C. Jul-Sep:  Relax, Release & Take Flight

Tell yourself, you’ve already “won” and you’ll act in ways that ensure you grab the prize. Just in case we’re being dogmatic it might be time to allow for a little air to escape our balloons so we don’t burst unnecessarily. When we see the ground from under our feet climbing the ladder, mountain or floating from a hang glide we can give ourselves a thumbs up. Some of us may need a running start to take off properly as well. So get to stepping!

D. Oct-Jan: How Is The Air Up There (Are You Ready To Go Again)

This will be review time to find what worked well, what didn’t and most importantly what it felt like to let go and take off. If you’ve ever gone sky-diving it’s amazing how quickly the trip goes and why we want to get back up there again. After 10 tandem jumps with an instructor you can go solo. Once we’ve asked for advice, gotten help and encouragement and followed through with our plans we can continue moving ahead. Or jumping out of planes.

The Very Meaning Of Our Lives

The meaning of who we are will continue to evolve and shift, our relationship with our core self will deepen and we’ll have more meaningful interactions with others who are on similar journeys themselves. We’ll also be able to spot those whose lives are inauthentic much more quickly and decide how to minimize our time with them and protect ourselves as necessary (putting on our game face, not giving out any meaningful information and using whatever knowledge we acquire to our advantage).

This journey to reconnecting with and replenishing our core selves requires our full awareness and mindful living. Our steps must be made with a purpose. We have to accept full responsibility in our personal transformation. Others may not appreciate our growing complexities but we will replace the pod from the Matrix with the truth.

There will be others who will emerge to support us coming from unexpected places. It no longer matters who gets it or who agrees to what percentage. We must continue moving ahead. Eventually we’ll come to a point of comfort and a place of recognition when we see what we’ve produced.

BWE (Black Woman Empowerment) messaging emerged as a counterbalance to a huge distortion in the black community. We will continue to sort out particular execution of concepts but the long-ignored problems  – and current solutions  are clear. It is not a woman’s responsibility to save a community or rescue men.

This is now beyond the BWE blogs. You’ve all been given tools. The reasons have been discussed often and repeatedly.

It’s now up to you to save your own life and be your biggest advocate, making all of the necessary changes as required by your individual life circumstances. Do as much or as little as you please. The results will be reflected by the “fruits” you produce and what soil you’ve planted yourself in.

If you want to live your best life you will not be a drained battery for others but will be your own source of energy and draw other sources to you in the ultimate exchange of power. It is time to STOP being someone you aren’t for the sake of surface approval and the continued leeching of your vast resources. You can read through the archived posts here and at Halima’s, Evia’s & Khadija’s blogs amongst the contributors at various forums to get your mind aligned with normalcy.

Let 2011 be YOUR year of TRIUMPH!

14 Replies to “In 2011 You’re Free To Be Your Best. Here’s How To Do It.”

  1. 2011 is the Year of the Sojourner most definitely. You ladies have laid down the gauntlet and I happily accept. I consider The Matrix is in the rearview mirror and we are now on to creating our new lives in Zion. Time to burn the boats ladies and force ourselves to move forward. Brava, Faith, brava!

  2. Fantastic post Faith! I love that you divided up the year into quadrants.

    "We may finally come into our own or rekindle our long-dormant true selves after undergoing a transformation. Think of this as your cocoon stage. Health. Fitness. Wealth. Relationships. Career. Travel. Learning Languages. You can do it all (though not at once for your sanity)."

    I have been working on this for the past few months. I travelled for several months in 2010, and came back with the hunger for a career change. I'm excited about the possibilities in 2011! It may not be in the Chinese calendar, but 2011 is the year of the Sojourner!

    I'm really looking forward to sharing some of the information and resources that I have received. As well as motivating, and being inspired by others.

    *p.s. I changed my email since the old one doesn't reflect me.

  3. Great post, Faith. I agree with Anilia-this is going to be an awesome year. I just keep thinking of how many of us, in the next few months, will be posting about our successes and thanking each other for the encouragement, motivation, and well wishes we received along the way. It's so exciting! I'm so happy to be a part of this revolution 🙂

  4. Brilliant Post. I love the idea of the quarterly reports. I've set things in motion to make sure that my goals are achieved this year and I know I will complete them all. Everything starts in the mind and if the mindset is right the goals will be achieved.

    1. Since businesses assess their health & well-being and goals with quarterly reports I figured we can do the same, lol! I'm looking forward to charting all of our progress and doing a 6 month review in particular.

  5. "This is more than a resolution – it’s a revolution! "

    I am totally 'borrowing' this quote from you!!

    This is one of the best 'plans' to improving your life that I've ever read. I love the quarter breakdown and I'm definitely with you on not having to have all the answers, but sticking with asking yourself the tough questions.

    This year is going to be so awesome, I just know.

    1. Hey if the Motived Sista wants to use a phrase of mine go for it!!! Looking forward to all of our progress this year!

  6. Hello Faith
    Your blueprint imagery on planning and maintaining success has given me great INSPIRATION…. 🙂

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