Imagine Having Representation of Your Needs At The Power Table

I think it might look a little something like this:


This is Politics 101 folks. There was a time when certain leaders actually LEAD despite their flaws and backroom shenanigans. The stakes have never been higher and we need concrete action more than ever. Is this a case of not being proactive in setting an agenda or not being heard? Everybody else got their audience and walked away with a parting gift…except black people. It’s not too late!

While Frick & Frack  (Smiley and West) go on their Poverty Pimp 2013 Tour pretending claiming to be after a populist agenda, don’t be fooled by the bait and switch of less nimble con artists trying to ride other people’s coattails, who while being sheisters themselves at one point did actually do something of benefit to black America.

Meanwhile, Bush Jr. Term 4 Obama Redux reveals not one black woman Cabinet appointee thus far. How many excuses and denials will we get from “our” First Black President?

That power table meetup might also look a little something like this:

Lily Ledbetter

Where’s your agenda? What accountability is in place? Is there reciprocity specific to your agenda (unmet needs) that adequately compensates for your support?  If not, are you going to ignore it?

It’s not too late! Check out the African American Policy Forum, founded by Kimberle Crenshaw and watch the State of Female America discussion.

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  1. Not to sound defeatist, but I’m not sure if there is much else that black women can do with regard to this current administration. If one is not willilng to withhold their vote from a particular candidate, they are not going to have much influence. Obama does not have to worry about another political campaign, he got a far higher percentage of the Black vote than the Latino vote, and owes the Black community more than any other due to their foolishly undying support. Yet, which of these two demographics is he going to bat for? All that he is doing now is for: (1) his legacy, and (2) for the Democratic party. He and the Dems in general believe that they have the Black vote on lockdown, so right now, Black folks have zero leverage.

    Black women need to start focusing on the next election. In the blk community, bw are the ones with the voting power, due, in part to the fact that a good chunk of bm are not eligible to vote. However, if bw are unwilling to use their political power and influence strategically, then after the next election, when there is a new president, we are going to be having these exact same conversations all over again!

  2. As for Obama,I kind of lost hope in him, and therefore expectations of him,a while ago.I have not been able to access if this is a good or bad,maybe even dangerous,move on my part to have no expectations when it comes to what will he do for black women and children.I just feel that Obama cannot be controlled by black women because too many black women are unorganized and still don't have any agenda they are putting forth.I feel it may be too late.I feel that in all of this there has to be a way that a well connected black woman could possibly get some of her needs met.But I have no hope that Obama or anyone in our government will do anything specifically to help black women as a group even though they are doing things to specifically help other people.To be completely honest looking at the policies being set by Obama,along with the downward spiraling economy and the pending budget cuts, my hope for a better America is about gone and I don't know what could turn things around.I see individual black women thriving regardless of whatever goes on here,I feel that some of us will have to leave this country to have a better life.I increasingly feel that I am in the latter category.

    1. For black women (and children) to truly thrive, the focus will need to be on firmly making themselves their #1 priority. Not on black males, “community” or saving x,y,z cause. This is a core BWE tenet. Obama, like EVERYBODY ELSE (except AA women of course) has been looking out for themselves first. I just wanted to show the reading/non-commenting audience through photos that it has been and will continue being done by those who go for it.

  3. This is a tough one.I've been thinking about the questions you asked over and over, ever since you first posted this.I'm sure there are many others in the reading audience who are mulling it over too.

    Some of the answers to the questions are a bit too personal for me to want to reveal here but this question in particular is one that I cannot seem to shake or get off my mind " Is there reciprocity specific to your agenda (unmet needs) that adequately compensates for your support? If not, are you going to ignore it?" I can say that I am definitely not going to ignore it.However, in certain scenarios it can be very difficult to make a person other than yourself come through with their promises.I am still working on holding myself accountable with things that go on in my life to the point of action, and not just recognizing what is wrong or where I have failed and need to get things together.I have figured out that there are things that I need that I cannot get alone without help.I have also figured out how I can help the people or organization that I want help from. But different situations arise where it's kind of like an "I have to step out there and go first" type of situation and then this person or people might come through for me.Or they might not.Figuring out ways to make someone else go first in a relationship that you hope will be reciprocal,holding other people accountable, and to even make them suffer consequences if they don't deliver, is not my strong suit.Of course there is the law,but I'm still trying to figure out what other ways can I make sure that people that I'm dealing with don't cross me if I "go first". I am connected to a few women who have had success in different area's of their life that I am trying to have success in.I plan on speaking to them soon about my issue and seeing what they have to say.

    I'll probably be coming back to this post a few more times to think some things through.It was a really good post and I thank you for writing it.
    The sense of urgency was felt and it really gave me a "poop or give off the pot moment". I just hate to keep wasting valuable time.Especially time that is my own.

    1. To be honest MOST, if not ALL political capital was wasted, so these are rhetorical questions designed to compel the few who might be listening to try again with the next incoming administration. So many folks could not get past the skin shade Trojan Horse (whether it was blind support of or opposition to Obama) and were so easily manipulated by others. No matter what advice or suggestion another person may offer, sometimes experience is the only way a message sinks in.

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