I’m Certain We Have Many More Titled Black Women Like Baroness Monica von Neumann Living Quietly Among Us

One of my readers sent me a link to an interview at Radar Online with an African-American Royal back in January. I posted it to the blog’s Twitter and Facebook accounts but realize it should be bumped to post level for those of you who missed it. Baroness Monica von Neumann resides in Los Angeles after the death of her husband, Baron John von Neumann.  I’ve excerpted a portion of the interview but you should read it in its entirety at their site. She’s positioning her company as a lifestyle brand for luxury goods.

On meeting the Baron – “The romance was quite a whirlwind. We met at a dinner party in Palm Springs. I would say he fell in love at first glance. He was quite smitten with my quick wit and attitude. We had a long, insightful conversation and that was that. He soon put the word out that he wanted to get to know me more. Fairly quickly, it was obvious that we were meant to be together. After six months we met, he asked me to marry him. My late husband certainly had a way about himself. He was kind, extremely intelligent, smooth and definitely knew how to treat a woman….”

Life philosophies – “I believe strongly in two things: First, we all a diamond in the rough and (could) use a bit of polishing, whether it is treating yourself to fresh cut flowers or a beautiful candle or a set of nice lines… things that make you feel good. All these things are attainable. Secondly, I believe that everyone deserves to be around beautiful things. Beautiful things do not equate too expensive….”

What’s great is that she was an enterprising young AA woman from Detroit, who met the love of her life and moved into an even higher social strata from her humble beginnings. Clearly, she was already on her way because Sonny Bono introduced them in Palm Springs, a haven for retirees and the monied set. She could be any of us.


On the flip side, I was thinking about the furor over Prince Carl Alexander and Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern and how her new husband may very well love her, but being twice her age and thrice-married, he should be doing a better job at protecting her reputation. I just did a little research and found out Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband introduced them (Lordy!). As much as we’d like to think grooming, decorum and training shouldn’t matter, women who use their Charm Offensive to move into exclusive social circles with established rules of engagement cannot ignore this.

He’s doing her a grave disservice to not plan for this. He’s obviously quite the character all on his own. Watching shows like Millionaire Matchmaker, I’ve noticed the men tend to have similar patterns of behavior where they want a very young woman and it’s not just for peak reproductive capacity. I’m going to be blunt because he’s made comments to the press about “knocking her up” (ugh). A lot of these overgrown children want inexperienced women who may not know how to negotiate all of the boundaries within a relationship well.

While interracial marriages between black women and white men are on the rise and tend to be the most stable, we still have to analyze all of the angles when evaluating men. We know a few details about the marriage from their press conference, but I have to admit there’s a few red flags. 

Of course, this is but a mere blip compared to the scores of black women who never marry at all or who marry lesser-than men who place the burden of the family finances and care-taking squarely on the shoulders of their wives. Non-Reigning Royals have different rules and birth order/gender matters because everything is tied to the bloodline. I realize the benefits to showing footage of interracial couples in loving moments, but I’m not someone who needs to be convinced of such things.

Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece wasn’t born into royalty (but having a now-billionaire father certainly helped). Neither was HRH Duchess of Cambridge. When Royals marry commoners (even wealthy ones) there’s a level of expectation that they will flow seamlessly into the public role, in addition to the personal relationship. That’s a lot of stress! There is preparation time set aside to fulfill royal protocols and at the very least, to have time to adjust, be introduced to friends, etc. That seems to have been skipped with Princess Corinna. HSH Princess Angela of Liechtenstein met her Royal in NYC as a business owner for example. All of those women were educated and had bootstrapped their way to the position of meeting a certain caliber of men.

If she was my daughter I’d be very wary about her being with someone who acts like a Man-Child. Of course if they wanted to be together then marriage is the best choice rather than her being a sex partner. Who knows? Baroness Cecily de Massy of Monaco is a fourth wife and by all accounts is content. No one else has to agree with me, but this is why when you reach the other side of 35 everything looks differently.

When Prince Albert II of Monaco married last summer, there were grumblings in the press about a quick sweep under the carpet of yet another OOW child he had fathered. Double standards for women marrying into these families are pathetic but it’s not likely to change. Money is very nice to have, but morally questionable males in positions of power have little incentive to change. I will never blindly endorse any random marriage (even to a high profile spouse) just because.

We want to encourage women entering quality relationships that last. I realize many are criticizing the von Hohenzollerns because she’s a black woman, but some of it has to do with their image and behavior. If he had married Nicki Minaj people would be talking about them and I don’t think you could successfully argue it was solely because of her race. Image matters. Prince Carl needs to step up and be the leader he’s supposed to be as a husband and nip this ridicule in the bud. Princess Corinna could certainly learn a thing or two from the Baroness. I wish them success.

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  1. You have some really good ideas in this article. I am glad I read this. I agree with much of what you state in this article. Your information is thought-provoking, interesting and well-written.

  2. Thank you for posting about the Baroness. I had never heard of her before and I plan to keep a look out for her company and try to support, if I can depening on the amount of luxury she's selling… LOL.

    I agree with some of the other posters about Princess Corinna. I would hope there is real affection and respect there, but alas I'm a bit skeptical. The Prince is described as a bit odd and his bride is really very young. As has been stated issues around manipulation and control can be present, although we may never now for sure. Another excellent example of why it's important for women particularly BW to VET all men, every man, every time.

    1. Perhaps this is like a wonderful moment for her -- and we're concerned for nothing! If they get past their honeymoon phase closer it could be a long and happy marriage.

  3. I hate that my first comment at your blog is one that might come across as negative, but I do agree with your misgivings about Corrinna's marriage to "Prince" Carl Alexander. I'm not using quotations to hate on the prince or Corrinna, but because Carl Alexander is reportedly not a prince -- Germany's royal system was ended in 1919. The "prinz von Hohenzollern" title that Corrinna's new husband carries today, as well as all of the other German royalty living today, is in name only :(. Also, he's been interviewed as saying that his primary goal is to get Corrinna pregnant immediately after their wedding, which some are surmising is because he believes a heir will give him the right to live in the royal palace, Schloss Sigmaringen. But the head of the royal house (family) of Hohenzollern today is Karl Friedrich, and he's already occupying the house. Carl Alexander is a 2nd cousin to the royal house! In addition to the facts you've already stated, such as that he's been married twice before (once for 6 weeks!), Carl has a reputation as an eccentric and, sadly, he's without much money. I wanted to feel excited for bw when I saw this story first on Evia's blog, the same way I was ecstatic to learn about Princess Angela and Baroness Cecily, but it doesn't seem like this marriage lends anything but embarrassment to poor Corrinna (who may have been chosen because of her youth and assumed naivete).

    1. Many of the European families have titles -- which is why I specifically mentioned Non-Reigning Royals. The Greece Royal family hasn't lived in Greece in decades. Even if it is ceremonial, it still retains value. Thandie Newton's mother is an African Princess. I was hoping more people would focus on the Baroness and her example in creating opportunities. This wasn't about taking potshots at Princess Corrina, but providing context. I mean Zsa Zsa's husband is technically a Prince as well, but seems rather ethically-challenged!! Regardless, she is still a wife and she'll figure it out

      1. I understand! I was worried my comment would sound like I was trying to diss the princess, and I didn't notice that you acknowledged that some families are non-reigning. Thank you for responding and clearing things up, though, I appreciate your graciousness 🙂

        1. No problem! Things get lost in translation at times. I think most of the Royals are non-ruling as well, but they keep $$$, land, titles, etc. It's not a bad job!

    2. I am in total agreement with you. His first wife was Angela Stölzle whom he was married to for seven years 30yrs his senior.
      His second wife was Azlet Temurowski and that marriage only lasted for six weeks (actually it was annulled). Carl was then engaged to Maya Sonja, a rich Black American girl whose family roots are based in Nigeria. The engagement ended days before the wedding. Karl is is not intelligent and lacks in education. The fact that Frederic Prinz of Anhalt (fake prince) arranged this pretty much explains everything. In my opinion he is making mockery of Carl for his lack of intellect and Corrina for being naive. Can you spell Reality TV. Don't put it pass him to monopolize on this sad situation of events. Karl works for Frederic as his butler, handyman etc.., basically his servant. The plastic crown, plastic horse and wedding attire was just plain embarrassing. Now Corrina has a website and facebook with those silly images. Who knows, maybe they really want a Reality TV gig. So much for reputation.


      1. Wait a minute. Are you telling me Prince Carl works for Zsa Zsa’s husband as his man-servant? I assume there’s some legal benefit -- which I’m not saying is a bad thing because there are often inheritance clauses where marriage and children are necessary. Good grief the cheapo Vegas Strip drive-through had me cringing, but oh well. They have the right to be foolish and make mistakes like everybody else. I don’t want those who oppose BW/WM relationships to use this as an excuse to discourage more marriages. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I also want women to thoroughly evaluate ANY MAN. Some women can not or will not.

        The odds still favor IRR esp for AA women whose female ancestors built this country on their backs. It is just and righteous that their great-great-great grand-daughters get karmic payback by getting EVERYTHING that was once forcibly taken. I’m not really invested in this couple other than the SYMBOLISM and REAL-LIFE examples of possibilities. So let’s move on.

  4. THIS >>> "He’s doing her a grave disservice to not plan for this. He’s obviously quite the character all on his own. Watching shows like Millionaire Matchmaker, I’ve noticed the men tend to have similar patterns of behavior where they want a very young woman and it’s not just for peak reproductive capacity. I’m going to be blunt because he’s made comments to the press about “knocking her up” (ugh). A lot of these overgrown children want inexperienced women who may not know how to negotiate all of the boundaries within a relationship well."

    This can also be seen on the Real Housewives of Orange County as well, oh Bravo. I noticed this too in my own relationships. I once dated a significantly older man. It’s not just about being young, fertile, and beautiful but about control…and sometimes manipulation. As you said a significantly younger woman is not necessarily going to have the tools and life experience behind her to successfully navigate relationship boundaries and call BS when it becomes apparent that a more mature woman would.

    1. Those reality Housewife shows are a HAM!! I will say I never thought they'd become such a staple. The OC one has been more realistic about the demise of long-term marriages -- and they have (had) money unlike Atlanta.

      At the end of the day being a wife or ex-wife is far better than a perpetual 'girlfriend'. If this Prince is trying to use a baby to get back in the graces of his family….it wouldn't be setting a new precedent. He could've married anyone though, so I hope there's real affection.

  5. Glad I'm not the only one. If image counts for something, then those pictures on Evia's blog are a hot mess. I hope Princess Corrina has a good attorney on speed dial.

    1. I think everything related to this can be a valuable learning lesson for women BUT at the end of the day no one has ANY idea about what's going on with this couple. I hope it all works out.

  6. Hi Faith!
    Very excellent points raised regarding the newest young black royal, Princess Corinna von Hohenzollern. I totally agree that he has been quite nonchalant about the press onslaught. Granted, she is young and that may be par of the problem. I do hope that things work out well for her. It would be wonderful if other royals like Princess Angela or Baroness von Neumann were able to reach out to her ( behind the scenes of course ( to help her navigate those waters. As you and Evia state constantly VETTING IS A MUST for ANY MAN. Period. I really enjoyed the link to the article about Baroness Monica. I secretly suspect quite few aa ladies are taking notes and quietly relocating. Stealth is definitely a welcome ally. Oh and possibly off subject, I really appreciate the link to The Art of Femininity and What Women Never Hear. It never hurts to keep sharp 😉

    1. Thanks! I find the more I research whether it's The Rules, WWNH, AOBF (which Khadija linked to originally) or other guides, much of it offers complimentary advice. Nothing trumps gut instincts. I don't know if a Royal from one country would directly approach another family considering they're strangers or potential rivals (politics). Do First Ladies do it? Did anyone talk to Sarah Ferguson? That's a slippery slope.

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