I’m Back From My Blogging Break

Hello Friends!

I’ve been working on a few offline projects that needed my attention. I also haven’t really stepped away from the blog for an extended time since I began in 2008. I needed to recharge. Mind, you I still create status updates and talk to plenty of folks at the blog’s Facebook Page and Twitter feed. In fact, you’re missing out if you don’t pop in over there from time to time.

But it was time to at least leave a little something here at the main site. I’ll probably share a few of those conversations we’ve had in the other social media spaces as I try to use content exclusive to each medium. Hope you’re having a great 2014 so far. Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your mind and what you’re up to these days. You were missed.



4 Replies to “I’m Back From My Blogging Break”

  1. OMG Faith thank you for telling us about the new Vintage Black Glamour coffee table book coming out!! Yay : D . I've been on the Vintage Black Glamour website before and I love it and told a friend about it once. It comes out officially in June it looks like so thank goodness there's plenty of time for me to pre-order it! The book's being printed from the UK and sold in £GBP which was a shocker because I thought that the Vintage Black Glamour website was run by an AA because all of the pics on there are of AAs! Can't wait to have that book in my hands though! I'm interested in getting one of the newer coffee table books of the illustration and photography from back in the day of Antonio Lopez eventually too from Amazon : )

  2. Hi Faith! Glad to see you back here on the main site. Yes, the above quote is something that needs to be translated into action. Some BW have gotten the message and are actively moving on to bigger , better, safer places. Unfortunately I have to accept that quite a few will continue to fall back on the " learned helplessness " excuses that make it easier to do nothing and literally choose play Russian roulette with their very lives. The same people who can strategize a 75 mile round trip trek sans car or other transportation to get the latest gadget/purse/shoes etc are the exact same folk who can't figure out how to move out of dangerous living conditions because
    " where will you go?". Somehow these folk seem to think you need a special pass/identification card to rent a small apartment, house or some other suitable form of shelter in a safer location because you are a BW & therefore your move will be thwarted. Seriously? This reeks of the worst " you-can't-do-better-because-your-black " keep you in your place status quo supporting BS that I have ever seen. I guess it really does prove the point all skin folk ain't kin folk….
    On a happier note I am excited that the Olympics are starting. I truly love the spirit embodied by the Olympics. Setting a goal and working towards it on a daily basis. I LOVE IT!

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