If You’re Bored With Network & Cable TV Why Not Try A Few Web-Series

While there are many great television shows, the golden-age of tv has arguably passed. With people leading busier lives and changes in viewership the days of a network show with 80 million viewers has long passed.

Network, basic cable and subscription services may provide more options than ever, but the choices may be limited in scope and appeal to many. Studies indicate viewers also don’t want to tied exclusively to one viewing schedule or means of watching, but revenue is generated by advertising commercials..

Still, demand requires change and a shift in models opens up new avenues with arguably more creative leeway. Independently produced shows are more readily available to viewers to find shows beyond what the gatekeepers would approve and ‘traditional’ programming gets to move into global markets to find a bigger audience than assumed..


If you liked Noah’s Arc or The L Word back in the day.

Husbands (yes, the clips for season one are two minutes or less)

Between Women

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu offer original and/or exclusive programming. Netflix’s arrangement with Queen Latifah’s company for license her movies and tv shows.

There’s only one episode so far, but this could be a funny satire with some work.

The Michelle Obama Diaries

Jerry Seinfeld has a series –

Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

Web Series Online has a huge listing of online shows

Anacostia  program has to be viewed at the site

Aim High

This is by no means a definitive list. Many creatives may now take that initiative to be content creators – not only ‘passive’ viewers – by producing the types of shows they want to see. This is as important a breakthrough as blogging was in creating spaces for voices that have been under-served or ignored.

What are some of your favorite shows? Please feel free to share in the comment section.

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  1. We've discussed Awkward Black Girl before. Issa Rae has several projects in place right now. All of the blog conversations about WM & BW we've had over the past 6-7 years (starting with Halima & Evia) penetrated the lexicon. It is not a coincidence we're seeing this in ads, movies and tv shows at all.

  2. I do like one of the web series that have been mentioned on BW's blogs a few times and has also gained attention on TV news in the US before called 'Awkward Black Girl' and even though it seems a bit silly I like ERB ever since I looked at Betty Chambers' blog and she had links to ERB's videos on there! LOL XD

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