If You're An Ally Of Black Women You Had Better Go Over EVERYTHING With DISCERNMENT Before Supporting ANYTHING!

Why It’s Important To Recognize When Images Used To Evoke Certain Emotions Can Manipulate You

President Obama sitting on the bus where Rosa Parks refused to change seats.

What is your first reaction?

Do you get a warm and fuzzy feeling? Do you assume this action implies Obama is paying tribute? If so how does that translate into something tangible?

Are you satisfied by a ‘good’ feeling?

The Montgomery Bus Boycotts were an integral part of Civil Rights activism. Without the participation of African-American women there was no “movement”. Without the participation of black voters Obama will not be elected for a second term. Black women gave him his highest percentage block of votes (65%) in 2008.

How have ‘we’ benefited during this time in terms of political appointments, infrastructure building, job creation, business opportunities, etc? No excuses about obstructionists. Now compare that to other groups and how their needs have been addressed during this same period. Despite obstructionists.

This is a low-cost gesture at projecting something blacks and non-black liberals will respond positively to, without offending conservative voters.

I’m not saying the photo was generated with ill intent. Yet, the administration is making a (minimal) effort at courting the black vote. Supporters have a right to measure the return on their investment to decide if it paid out or not! Would you react the same way if Mitt Romney had posed for this photo instead?

You need to think of yourself as an asset that appreciates in value.

(Fake) Praising Black Women Is The NEW Denigration

With the success of the BWE social justice movement, many of the basic tenets that were openly opposed seem to go without incident. I look at it this way, certain oppositional forces already know not to directly challenge some of us lest they have their teeth handed to them on a platter. So they must find more subtle ways at undermining us.

Yet everybody knows we hold ALL the cards.

We have ALL the resources. They can’t SURVIVE without us.

We’re the ONLY ones holding the”community” together.

I realize this might go over the heads of most readers over 30 and non-hipsters, but the indie group Chester French has a new single titled, “Black Girls”. Oh – it’s getting a certain amount of attention – and praise.

The song lyrics are positive……

This ain’t no fetish, ain’t objectifying no one
I reject your deconstruction of my taste
But ignoramus always look in my direction
They’re so frustrated I don’t keep it in the race
Like they’ve never seen this before
Like it’s 1954
But the whole world’s turning brown and who cares
I’ve got a thing for black girls
La, la la la la, la la, la la la la la

but…deconstructing the video it’s full of conflicting images that OBJECTIFIES women despite the ‘compliment’! It completely negates their little PR blurb.  Media literacy is very important in knowing how to recognize DENIGRATION and PROTECT our image.

This video actually reinforces white women as the object of desire. It’s tantalizing imagery implies typical straight male pornographic fantasies of girl-on-girl action. Very LOW-BRAIN. For these reasons alone we’d have to give this a pass, but I had a personal exchange confirming why this group’s motives are questionable.

Lead singer D.A. Wallach is friends with rapper Asher Roth and DEFENDED him (dismissing his slur against black women where he repeated Don Imus’) on Twitter about 3 yrs ago. YES, I have a LOOOONG MEMORY! Do not support ANYONE unless they are PROVEN to be LOYAL & CONSISTENT allies.

This is another example of Hipster Racio-Misogyny. Now had this been a female-fronted LGBT group with a history of anti-racist activity, we could have analyzed it from a slightly different perspective. I don’t buy how a guy who ignored OBVIOUS bias against black women can suddenly display an honest and bold presentation that properly offers a celebration of feminine beauty and interracial love.

Or do you think Tyler Perry, Chris Rock, DL Hughley, Toure and ALL THE OTHER BLACK WOMAN BASHERS have repented? **Update – I just saw this video posted at a few blogs and this is EXACTLY what we’ve been trying to educate black women about! Thank the stars many of you are getting it. Boycotts aren’t necessary – when you leave JUST GO! No explanations necessary!

So now a change in tactics from those who think they’re special snowflakes encourages them to do something sneaky. Why not PRETEND to be a friend, get in our good graces, grab some attention, play DUMB if held accountable and funnel those resources under the table? Our focus has been on exposing black male terrorists (of which they are PLENTY) so non-blacks have largely flown under the radar unless it was something highly offensive. And so many black women are still so indoctrinated they circle these forums but are often hostile and oppose real change, it’s a multi-level issue.

This is the next wave of post-BWE BW-Bashing and Blackistan propaganda support. This is why it’s important to keep emphasizing why EVERY MAN, (other women) and SITUATION must be thoroughly EVALUATED!! Stop giving UNPROVEN people the benefit of the doubt.

There are plenty of nefarious white men out there, too. My post on men who claim casual sex is the new intimacy revealed one very UNSUITABLE male who was dating a black women, but harbored latent disrespect for ALL women. Yet, the overwhelming odds still swing in the favor of securing high quality interracial relationships BUT YOU MUST RID YOURSELF OF YOUR BLACK WOMAN-HATRED (internal/external) lest you attract a poor quality male or DBR with WHITE SKIN.

Everybody’s trying to make $$$ off black women now!

**I was going to cover this, but I just can’t be bothered discussing the ‘artistic’ racio-misogynistic cake debacle. It was your typical black-woman hating, user/leech black male aligning himself with whites who assume having a self-hating Negro ‘friend’ absolves them of all racism. Been there. Done that. Let’s keep moving forward!!

42 comments to If You’re An Ally Of Black Women You Had Better Go Over EVERYTHING With DISCERNMENT Before Supporting ANYTHING!

  • jubilee

    I subscribe to a website that is called movieguide.org..they critique movies from a Christian standpoint..they crtiqued the newest movie that beat out Hunger Games. I couldnt believe what they said: for one thing, they rated it LOW and also, they said it was DEMEANING to black women..I dont know if it was Ted Baehr himself that critiqued it, or someone else..I couldnt believe that they brought up 'black women'…hey, at least someone cares. If that 'french' video was any good, he shoulda said: GOTTA THING FOR KEISHA, etc. and made her look like a 'lady' instead of a 'ho….without clothes no doubt? whats sad, is many bw think the vid is 'cool'. I just think they were raised in a PORN CULTURE and dont know better

  • truthp

    I hate to say it but I think some of the dbr black dudes were right.
    I think some women have different standards for white men (read:lower) than they have for black men.

    I like this video,not the song though, better.
    The people in it are pretty and BOTH people are naked http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np_dW7yzhM8&fe
    I think it would have shown guts if DA had did something like this.But with a better song of course.

  • MsMellody

    Faith you said .."Fake praise without putting any skin in the game after assuming gullible BW who've been so thoroughly savaged by BM will lap this up. Not on my watch! "

    Exactly!!!! Loved your post about this latest effort to make $ off bw.

  • elg

    If Chester French "likes" black women so much, why couldn't he appear in the video HIMSELF instead of the white woman? Could it be that he didn't appear in his own video because he didn't want to be seen making "love" (lust?) to a black woman who is unambiguously black?

    If too many white and non-black women get upset about his "liking" black women (and decide to boycott his "music") he can always pretend that the white woman in the video is the one who actually has the black woman "fetish", not him. After all, he is nowhere to be seen in the video.

  • km aka kmblue

    "Black Girls" is another form of poison in a different candy coating. Just because a guy is singing that he has a "thing" for black girls doesn't mean that he's an ally or the song is worth praise. This song is business as usual with a hipster coating to make money. And even though hipsters are younger (teens-thirties), the racism and misogyny in that group is just as bad, just coated with "irony" to be cool and different. Just another okey-doke.

    As for the photo op on the bus… too many people don't recognize pandering when it is happening to them.

  • Jamila

    I wasn't crazy about the video by Chester French and the song is OK, but DA Wallach has pretty consistent about his love of black women and he even graduated from Harvard with a degree in African Studies. So I think DA's heart is in the right place but the video's execution is off. Asher Roth also has a black girlfriend. Not to excuse Asher, but I think white people who have black lovers or close black friends may feel that they have a "pass" or that perhaps they are now "in the know" about black people and that this somehow gives them the ability to take liberties with the jokes they make.

  • Mikey Tandino

    Yes. I agree. We need to ignore that cake foolishness and allow that piece of garbage to go back to starving for a living. Good post as always, Faith. I love it!

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